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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wax poetic


I realize that some of my post come across (and will) romanticizing this lifestyle. I do have the rustic cabin in the woods. One thing that has annoyed me in the past is those that over romanced the lifestyle of a homesteader. Either they are wonderfully lucky individuals or flat out lying. Omitting the trails by fire can be dangerous to those just starting out.

I try my best not to do such things. However right now I am in love with my new surroundings, I am a babe in the woods. Wide eyed and exuberant about everything in my path. Yet I do see some trouble on the horizon. Something that I will have to flounder through to survive the hills. 

When you read my future posts (several have already been written) remember all of this. I may be an old hand (giggle, sure) at homesteading the Great Plains, but I am an utter neophyte in the hills and woods. Things I knew there, don't always work here. I have to be careful in my excitement not to blow it all.

And I will continue to tell you all. The good, the bad, the ridiculous mistakes, like I have always done. 

Someone commented that they were impressed that I was still able to do everything and still have time to blog. It impresses me as well! The thing is, I am sitting in the dark, sipping on over brewed coffee, chilled by the sudden dip in temperature, writing this note to you. Buckets (the old staffy) is snoring away in the other room, Husband and the boys sleeping soundly, the puppies out on patrol while Sprocket (blue tick/German Shepard) curls up in front of the door as sentry.  

I write when I have down time. I have little else to distract me. My hands may be bleeding, my back sore, my knee may be burning, but there is time. To be honest, I don't spend very long writing my posts. The longer ones with pictures involved may take 30 minutes. It's not that I don't care, it's just that the words are already there, and I type at a decent speed. I love to write, I am a storyteller, the bard for my family clan. If I don't tell the stories, there will be no one else to do so. 

I can see my breath against the light of the tablet this morning. Fall has been ushered in. The family is starting to move around, so it is time for me to end this tale. 


Harry Flashman said...

That program seems to work well, but aren't you afraid it will filter "you" out? I like your posts unaltered. They have a charm that comes from you telling your thoughts and experiences in your own words. Someone, beautiful as the prose may be when a computer edits it, it just isn't the same. Having said that, it's your blog and you have every right to do anything you want to with it.

Phelan said...

I only use it for paid work when required. This blog is all unadulterated Phelan.

Rob said...

You mentioned "romanticizing this lifestyle".

You do your laundry by hand... Once anyone starts doing laundry by hand romantic notions will start to slip away, by the second week there is not much romance left for that part of the lifestyle.

An electric powered wringer washer was a big help, money for the laundromat was a bigger help.

Time is the real valuable thing.

Practical Parsimony said...

I have never had any notion that you were romanticizing your lifestyle. You mention lightning bugs, but the mosquitoes balance it out. When you say your hands hurt from wringing out clothes, any romantic ideas fly right from my head. Even with your knee problem, you are in better shape than I and so much younger. I could never do what you are doing now. When I was younger, my allergies would demand ac at all costs if it were available anywhere.

longtime wife said...

Not romantic, lol the laundry, the dark, the sleeping on floors. But I very much enjoy reading your stories of life. Where you are settling is so absolutely beautiful, I envy you! My heart lives in the mountains. Hubs and I were supposed to take the bike on a road trip this spring to that area, but they had record rainfall the whole time
we hope to do that road trip this spring. Thanks for inviting us in your world!!

Kellie from Indiana said...

KY sure is beautiful though. My mom lived in central KY for 12 yrs and I lived with her for a year when my stepfather was dying of cancer. Even in the midst of those circumstances, I found the scenery and people comforting. I hope it does for you too, in any unfortunate time (and even the good ones!).

jules said...

LOVE the photo!

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