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Friday, September 20, 2013

Go Girl review

Yes, it is indeed that part of the program where I discuss my urination habits with you. Thrilling, yes? 

Now that I am back to peeing sitting down like any mainstream, modern gal, I feel free to discuss my primitive, standing up to pee, experience. First, I am recommending Go Girl for that lady on the run, that just doesn't have time to be so pedestrian as sitting down. I also recommend it for camping and motorcycle trips. Not so sure about boats. Had a wonderful conversation with a couple of women about peeing off the side of a boat. I have yet to have that particular experience. Alas! My creek just won't accommodate anything more than a blow up alligator, and that might become a bit precarious to attempt.

I digress, Husband got me a Go Girl after I had seen it at a local camping store. I was a little bit too excited about it. Bugging friends and family to get me one for my birthday. After a bit of excessive begging, Husband broke down and chucked one at me from across the store. And I am relieved he did. 

The instructions suggest that you practice in the shower. I will agree. However once you get use to it, and relax a bit, you get a bit cocky and that's when you find yourself peeing down your leg. Never get complacent about using one if you wish to stay dry. 

I am disappointed in the amount of pressure in the stream. No peeing contests with the boys, nor any fancy writing in the snow. Maybe lazy cursive initials. But I can over look this flaw as I no longer had to squat in the woods, over a hole to urinate. I could pee out the back door like the big boys. 

It isn't something I would enjoy using over a long period of time. I am rather partial to sitting, as I have done that my entire life, and have gotten rather good at it. Some might even say I have perfected it. The Go Girl does take a bit of practice, it isn't uncomfortable just a bit awkward, and I will be taking it with us to motorcycle rallies. Now that will be interesting. 

I am not being paid for this review. Guess what some of you are getting for Christmas?


Unknown said...

"And I am relieved he did"
LOL!!! another pun? Hey, I still say you haven't lived till you pee off the side of a boat!

small farm girl said...

I agree with Sci. We really need to get you a boat......

Practical Parsimony said...

At least it is pink. I wonder if a girl could shove a piece of tubing on the end of that to extend the distance a girl could stand back and still not have the pee inside whatever area she used. It seems that I would want to not be seen with my pants shoved down anywhere down, anytime. I have to wear elastic waist pants.

I like sitting, too.

Phelan said...

You actually don't have to expose your rear end with this.

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