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Monday, September 16, 2013

No more walking shoes worn thin

Dawn arrives later and later. That's expected when the leaves whisper of the changing seasons. I look forward to autumn with a volatile mixture of excitement and dread. I have seen the photos of the tips of my holler trees in the fall. I fell in love with it at that point.

My cabin sits below that canopy.  Everything as of this moment is still very green. The signs come from the early leaf droppers, ash and walnut. The air is chilled night after night, the days warmed yet cooler than when we arrived. 

I regret only being unable to come out in the spring, as planned. I have limited winter stores. Small farm girl was able to secure us both with a large quantity and quality potatoes, which helps ease my mind. I realize there are grocery stores, and I do utilize them, but I am so use to growing my own that I prefer the taste of a garden. It's been difficult not to have a garden, however I am optimistic about the fall garden I have planted, albeit late. 

The English walnuts have begun to fall, unfortunately on my tin roof. Startling us all, sometimes out of a peaceful sleep. Hickorys, filberts, pecans and black walnuts have all begun to drop. My chestnut trees are showing signs that they too will be dropping soon. Small and I have been hungrily gathering them, Medium joins us only for the adventure as he seems to loathe nuts, unless creamy. 

I have been keeping my eye out for a wringer. I found an entire wash tub with wringer and rinse tubs, however I don't think the owner is keen to sell as it has been in his family awhile. It sits in a falling down house, and I promise to love it, care for it, and use it as well as his grandmother. We shall see. Other wringers I have found at the flea market were either ridiculously priced or broken beyond my ability to repair. But I am keeping a watchful eye out. My hands thank you for the concern. 

The sun rose up on the ridge almost 30 minutes ago, and is just now brightening my holler enough to see. It keeps the air cooler, sun rising late, setting early. The canopy the hangs just over the cabin keeps the sprinkles falling long after the rain has stopped. Sometimes the wind causes the leaves to fall, simulating the sounds of rain. It is fascinating. So use to the plains, that it all is fascinating, for now.


Katidids said...

Good luck on the ringer washer.. Having it will free up so much time & physical labor. Your trees are beautiful, but boy will those trees hold water. I can see your rain continuing for an hour or so from they you have rain gear? My plan right now is to come in October for the gathering. Do us all a favor & create a wish list on your side bar. We all have bits of this and that in our garages and sheds we would love to pass on. You may end up with some odd looking pens but, who cares if they work right? Got snow shovels?

Practical Parsimony said...

Since my trees over my house keep raining long after the rain stops, it is just natural to me. Never decide to move a branch for any reason shortly after it rains. You will have a shower in your face. That is very disconcerting. Hickory nuts fall and before I cut the huge on near the house, we all startled. Well, after awhile, the children, very small at the time learned.

Two people, one on each end of a double towel or jeans can make short work of "wringing" water out. Just hold the ends and twist in opposite directions.

Have you ever seen the racks for drying clothing indoors that are lifted on a pulley to the ceiling? I suppose in the winter you can use stove heat for faster drying.

Woolysheep said...

I feel fairly confident you have heard of Lehman's but in case you haven't here is a link.
They serve a lot of Amish and have items that may be of use to you on your new homestead. It undoubtedly costs more than second hand but you will be getting a new one that someone else hasn't worn to a nub. When second hand, a lot of tools like wringers are going to be worn plumb out. After all the folks who had it before you are just as frugal as you are. Good luck. And that view is fantastic.

Woolysheep said...

These are links directly to the wringers.

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