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Monday, November 14, 2011

What to do, what to do

If you say Bob Dole, you get all kinds of (no referring link) hits. Almost 200 more than normal. You have to blame Matt Groening for my boys naming our ram Bob Dole. And you have to say the name as one word to be accurate, bobdole. . . bobdole. . . bobdole. . .  yep, Thank you Mr. Groening.

I have been thinking about posting yet another, day in the life. I normally do them once a year, however seasons change means different things. So I made a decisions that every 14th of the month will be "day in the life" and on the 15th I will post the pictures.

I can sit here and tell you about parts of my day. Pick which stories to tell. I feel a photo entry of one day can give you a broader sense of what my life on a struggling homestead is really like. 

Let's see if it works.

Until tomorrow. . .


Anonymous said...

..any futurama reference is a good one..this post was '..built like a bistro but handles like a steakhouse..' I actually wanted to name my new dog Leela instead of Loki. My next male dog is Zapp though. hehe

Basic Humanity said...

Great idea! I'm really looking forward to the day in the life posts, not that the usual posts aren't awesome. I've been a bad commenter recently, apologies, but I have been reading. Really enjoyed all the unripe tomato recipes.
Also, just to add, Matt Groening is more responsible for my naming and knowledge of more things than is probably good. But hey-ho.

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