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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Day In the Life (you can see this one)

Earlier post failed, sorry to those clicking in on that one.

I attempted to add a wee bit of music, but it freaked out.

The day, as Bob from Athens once said, was golden.


Phelan said...

my life in 4 minutes. Is that sad?

Stephen said...

No it isn't. You have a nice family and a farm and you're a bright lady. Life is good and you've been blessed. Here I thought my life was busy.

Phelan said...

It was a slow day for me. Thanks Stephen.

Anonymous said...

..stupid outdated browser..Just a question but was every picture of white?..if not it is my browser having issues.

I know I always say to the GF when posting my blog 'does this post sound stupid?'..then I realize that we do the blog for us and not for the masses. If people don't like ( or think your life is sad ) they need to get a life of thier own! hehe

Phelan said...

The all white version comes in January. Maybe I should just post the pics.

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