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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's try this again; Day in the Life

ok, no more videos. Some are having problems viewing, so let's do static photos.

A Mundane Day in the Life of a Modern Homesteader

5:45 am

Wake boys

Breakfast (biscuits and gravy)

Small suddenly wants to be a cold lunch
(homemade pb&j, carrots and grapes. That's all he wanted)

Medium misses the bus. Road Trip!

Turns out the radiator in the truck has a hole in it

45 minutes later, fire has gone cold

Feeding Time

We do not have trash service here. Have to burn. We use feed bags rather than buying trash bags.

Lagoon escapes!

To turn water on I have to crawl under the house

First real dirt of the day

Chat while water fills

Cleaned out. Now that all we have is square bales and grain.

Road trip! This time in the car and into the city

an hour and a half later. . .

Barter comes through

Cut up tomatoes for roasting

Canning jelly

Husband knocks on roof, expects me to help him

Light my stove

Bell pepper Jelly

Simmer beans

A small bland lunch

Garlic planted a year ago now sprouting

Ride please

Needs to be moved to the cattle pen.

Truck won't start
Inside to check on roasting tomatoes
read emails
read news

Truck starts!

Roasted tomatoes

Husband demands more help

I hold the board

Hide soaking

Throw ball please

Assuming this is spinach

Roasted tomato sauce

Canning chili

Read some blogs

Boys home

Road trip to the town library where I meet up with Large

sunset on the way home

Late feeding

No eggs. Seen 12 this week, but that's it. Added light, changed feed, brought roosters back in, no change

Throw to cows

Small helps


Medium ignores me

Small's favorite dinner


attempting to get out the backdoor 


movie with the boys

boys to bed

now I get to cuddle with Husband and watch a horror flick

Late night fire


Unknown said...

Whew!!! I'm thinking... am I sure I'm ready for all this? Nahhh, Just kidding! But I do feel inclined to think about a nap now. LOL Love the picture day idea.

Phelan said...

Naps are great! I can take those in the winter. But this was a slow day, kind of like today is going. No canning right now, maybe later, as I am working on that whole I want to start my own business thing.

Basic Humanity said...

OK, I watched the video before going through this and had absolutely no idea what the breakfast food was. Kinda thought you'd had some sort of foam/meringue type food. But biscuits and gravy sounds good. It was nice seeing that, thanks. A reminder of the type of life I want one day.

rocking R rustics said...

What was that dessert? something chocolate?

Phelan said...

The dessert is a brownie bar with a cookie topping

kymber said...

i am exhausted! but i am already exhausted so maybe it isn't as bad as it really looks, Phelan? oh gurl - i knew you rocked hard but if this is an ordinary day - you really get some props from us!

oh please put up a post about napping. you need one. and so do i after reading this!

you rock, my dear friend! you rock!

your friend,

Phelan said...

Normally I don't leave the homestead 3x a week, let alone in a day. So no, not that normal.

TransFarmer said...

that's a lot in one day. I'm sure it ebbs and flows. Mine do as well. I'm hoping I can get to start a fire in the morning one day on our own homestead.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so tired now after reading your blog... What type of hide are you soaking? We have the hide from Bubba, our first bottle calf, salted and in the freezer (he was butchered a week ago). Lyndsey wants to make a big pillow out of it, but I have no idea where to start.

Anonymous said...

wow, a busy day indeed. I would do a 'day in the life' but 8 shots of my monitor at work are not that exciting.

Phelan said...

The hide is cattle. I'll have a hide processing post up in a bit. I still have a larger cow hide in the garage and 5 sheep hides to do.

LauraH said...

I have only one word:


How I dream of having a life that simple. :)

Can't wait for the hide processing posts!


Stephanie in AR said...

Last year when my hens quit laying or laid only one egg every few days (from the entire group) I read somewhere that rabbit pellets have the green stuff hens miss when it gets cold and dark. I tried it and wham those ladies were back to laying - not like in spring but respectable for winter. No extra lights cause then we couldn't afford that extra expense. This year I finally *had* to put them in a pen and they stopped laying. Some of it might have been molting but that sudden? So I added some rabbit feed it seems to help. We've been trying to carry garden cleanup to them and veg trimmmings but it isn't easy. The a few pellets added to their feed is much easier. They are mostly alfalfa so if you already have any feed with that you might give it a try.

Phelan said...

I tried the rabbit feed, thank you. Didn't work. And these guys are supposed to be prolific winter layers. I did add a few younger hens to the mix. I wonder if they have matched cycles.

It's nice to see you again Stephanie

ksw said...

Our chickens have just about stopped laying as well - only 2-4 eggs a day when I should be getting 10-14. Didn't have this problem last year - strange.
Thanks for the day in the life photos. Similar life here but without the large livestock and one less boy. Soon I will need to add milking the goat to the daily chores.
I enjoy reading your blog and the realness of it all. Thanks for not sugar coating the daily grind.

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