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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gun Bloggers that accept my freakishness

I am not the normal gun owner. Insert a bunch of generalizations about stereotypical gun owners here.  I don't fit the mold of a gun owner. And I don't own one or more (not saying how many I do or don't have) just because I have to protect myself and my livestock either.

Found photo on Facebook, sorry I can't give credit to the creator. Edit; Thanks to Stephen the photographer is Oleg Volk. Great photos!

Now I haven't had dreadlocks in years, I have been every shade of purple hair color they could find and come up with. I do wear combat boots (tanker boots on special occasions). I have boots that high, I call them my hooker boots, and wear them on the motorcycle. I have fishnet stockings and have many piercings and tats. I recently died my hair back to a normal color because of my business venture, but in time it will go back to another not nature color.  Heck I even got married on Halloween with a slit throat and blood running down my cleavage.

And I enjoy reading gun blogs.

I recently had a conversation with a reader. She has been experiencing some attitude from some of the bloggers she likes to read because she looks like the above picture. I suggested she tell them to eff off. I really don't see the problem. If your readers are agreeing with you on a passionate subject, or heck even if they don't, what does it matter if they are normal looking or not?

I have been lucky in this department. I don't get criticized over my appearance by the bloggers I read.  I get criticized for other things and we disagree about things, maybe have a little spat about it, but these guys just don't give a hoot about what I look like. And I like that about them.

Some people say I look like this to get attention. Funny because I don't care much for attention. I don't do it to shock, I do it because I love it. I like my clothes and am comfortable in them. And my favorite color is purple, plus it brings out the blue in my eyes. All my tats have a personal meaning, like my boys foot prints running up my back. My piercing are because I was a test subject years ago, a friend was learning to be a piercer, I was the only one willing to let her practice (phone calls about things not suppose to be bleeding were a bit scary at times).

There are some blogs that catch my attention and I will start to read them, however I will sometimes catch a glimpse that this blogger is too self involved to be much fun. I will pass that blog by.

YeoldFurt is one of my favorite gun bloggers. He commented on one of my posts years ago, and I have been following him ever since. His blog is Old Lightning. 

Wolfe over on Wolf's Blog is another. He isn't limited to guns, he talks about all kinds of survivalist/prepper and personal things.

Stephen is a relatively new blogger to me. But I like his style. I enjoy his joys. I think we will make a good fit. You can find him at Standing outside looking in.

Many of the homesteading blogs occasionally discuss guns. But I will not include you in this list. I love ya, but . . .

The newest gun related blog to my list is Survivor man lite. I will just have to see how it goes there.

So I only have a few of you on this list. I must really like you. (sorry giggling)

What about you. Got Gun? Got a blog you would welcome some freak girls to hang out in, and comment?


Warlock Sundance said...

You go girl......
My wife has a pair of what I call "hooker boots" 'em....only problem is, when she wears them she is taller than me.

Phelan said...

Lucky man Sundance ;). I don't wear heals. I did once and Husband's pipes melted one.

Stephen said...

Thank you, Dear Phelan. And, I like you just the way you are....don't change, eff 'em is right.

Stephen said...

Oh, forgot, the picture is by Oleg Volk. Goggle it.

Phelan said...

Thanks Stephen, I have given him credit for the pic.

small farm girl said...

Why do you think my blog pic of me is a chicken? hehehehehehe

Phelan said...

Because you are really a ninja rabbit?

kymber said...

Phelan - i have been in love with you since the first time i found your blog - years ago - but then when we did the interview with James Talmage Stevens together - oh i have loved you even more. it was so much fun getting to actually talk to meeting a heroe or something.

the funny thing is that Jamie has a gorgeous celtic torque tattoo on his upper arm and i walked around being the ONLY pierced person in the federal government for years (nose, eyebrow and labrette. oh and belly button too)! i have had every colour of hair known to man - or to you - as well! i love the death metal/rocker/biker chick homesteader!

YOU are one of the fricken reasons that we are here in this crap-ass little cottage. we left a beautiful house, a gorgeously landscaped yard, and lucrative careers to come here and try this crazy homesteading thing. i blame you. i mean it. i blame you!

you have been such an inspiration and you know it!

check out my post here, which makes a funny mention of you that you might enjoy:

as for guns - we don't talk much about them either. but we have and know how to use the ones we don't talk about.

i like gun blogs too. and your blog. and our blog. and i love it when you visit.



Phelan said...

If you are trying to make me feel guilty, ain't gonna work. At least you have a crap ass cottage, I live in a trailer!

Luv ya too Kymber.

LauraH said...

Phelan, your awesomeness is beyond measure.

If I wasn't across the country, I'd drive to your farmstead just to kiss you...

On the cheek, that is.

Homie don't roll like that.

- Laura

kymber said...

Phelan - right back at ya! keep it up gurl! your honesty here is amazing and refreshing. and your 500+ followers appreciate that!

me, i just like calling you my friend!

u no hoo!

TransFarmer said...

I'm slowly getting my wife to accept guns. She knows the second we own a farm, we are going to have guns. I think her mind will change after she gets to shoot a couple.

Phelan said...

You guys crack me up.

Trans, it can take time. I was raised to loathe guns. My brothers weren't allowed to even have toy guns. But as soon as a rapist showed up on campus, my mother started carrying one. But I grew to have a respect for guns, then to try them, I was nervous that first time.

And it's now snowing here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. I still come by to read tho I don't always comment. Life has been kinda "hectic" lately. I cherish you, your hubby and your kids as fine people and wish all y'all the best. It's been tough reading about your setbacks and assorted difficulties without being able to jump in. But y'all have pulled through in amazing ways. Keep it up, girl, you're doing fine.

TransFarmer said...

I'm pretty sure she'll be ok about them. She used to be squeamish about fishing. Now she wants to go at the drop of a hat. Like last weekend during a thunderstorm, she came into the kitchen and told me we should go. I opened the curtains and pointed to the weather. She was so bummed.

I figure she will like target practice, but not hunting, and that's ok. I just want her to know how to use one if she needs to.

small farm girl said...

Shhhhhh, don't tell anybody about me being an ninja rabbit. It will damage my reputation. LOL

Phelan said...

Yeoldfurt, I know. I haven't been a very good commenter lately either. And thanks.

Trans, I still don't hunt or kill our animals. That's what Husband's are for :D

Small farm girl, I will be wery wery quiet.

Bob from Athens said...

Can't imagine you doing anything specifically to get attention. You can get plenty just by being you ! I hate phoneys that make up things and then try to make them sound real, just to get more followers. Keep telling it like it is, sharing the good and the bad is what makes my day.

Phelan said...

Oh come on Bob, I do all kinds of outlandish things for attention. :D Funny I barely leave the homestead, so I don't see how I look gets me much attention.

And by the bye I love my throwing knives. I mentioned it on Survivor man lite. But I do like my guns as well.

Stephanie in AR said...

I don't comment much, with this internet its been a gamble lately just to get to read anyone. I guess if you can handle someone who...shhhh...helps a friend with his drag costumes...I won't freak over your style. I'm just so glad you are still writing!

carol anne @ soapboxville said...

I swear to God I'll never understand people. WTF is wrong with people who would read a blog and then criticize that blogger's appearance?

It's a big Internet people, go find someone else to read. If you criticized my appearance in the comments on MY blog I'd make you cry for sport.

Seriously. What the hell is wrong with people?

Phelan said...

It was bloggers criticizing their readers looks. Semantics, I know.

I agree with you.

Desert Cat said...

"I don't wear heals. I did once and Husband's pipes melted one."

First time through I read that differently..."husband's pipes melted down." Thought whoa, there's a new euphemism for...something. :D

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