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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bob Dole is evil, and other tidbits

Hope every one had a good Veterans Day. I managed to do a few things in thanks and appreciation for our Veterans. I did neglect to Thank my Uncle, my older brother, and my father. Thank you for your service.

And to all my readers that are currently enlisted or have already served. Thank you!

And to my readers with enlisted family members, thank you for your sacrifices.

And that brings me to why Bob Dole is evil.

BobDole and ladies

Not really, but it was the best transition I could muster up.

Pastor Mike arrived earlier this morning for X. Now X has been jumping fences to be with the herd, that meant that this morning I had to separate him out best I could. Stupid me for neglecting to train the bulls to a feed bucket. They know the sounds and will come running, however I can not lead them individually with the bucket. The girls will fight over it, but not the boys.  Time to do a bit of trickery.

Bob Dole is a sneaking one. He was out in the field last I saw. But I felt him in my leg a few seconds later. Out of nowhere he ups and rams my leg, trying to get me to drop the bucket. Didn't matter that there was corn just a few feet from him. Bam!, into the side of my lower thigh just above the knee. I jerk back from the impact, my opposite hip ends up on X horn. I growled. Bob Dole gave me the I am just a sweet innocent ram look, then turned around to eat the feed. I had managed to hold onto the bucket. So there Bob Dole!

I ended up shoving X out the gate without anyone else escaping.  Pastor Mike came out, we borrowed Horse Neighbors tractors (as ours doesn't like lifting that much weight) and soon they were off. I really do like Pastor Mike. Always a good word, though sometimes a funny sarcastic sentence. 

Now I have this nice bruise that I can tell everyone a good story, about how Bob Dole beat me up and I threatened to eat him. 

Horse neighbor's farrier gave me a good line on bales. Just waiting for a call back from them, fingers crossed.

Field peas (beans) did strangely wonderful this year. I have a good amount. I do hope you are all ready for some more recipes. Because this next week I should have a bunch of them.

Congrats to Fancy Horse, she has won the digital scrapbook software!!! Small pulled your name. I will email you with your code to download it shortly. I am having fun with it.

Hope everyone is in a good mood. I have a lot to be thankful for this season and am trying ever so hard to dwell on those thing.


HermitJim said...

Gotta just LOVE the innocent look on that ram's face!

Sorry to hear about the bruise, but loved the story about how you got it!

You have a great day!

Carolyn said...

Ouch! Maybe he's upset by the name you gave him?

Phelan said...

Carolyn, if that's the case then I should see 3 boys out there on their butts. They named him.

FancyHorse said...

Oh! Thank you!!! Tell Small thank you!

Funny story, I had wondered how Bob Dole got into it! I hope your bruise heals and isn't too sore.

MamaHen said...

Bob Dole looks evil too!! lol!!

Best organic heirloom seeds said...

Lovely story.... :)

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