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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Name Change

Confession time. I still haven't done the milk paint. Not having a car last weekend threw me off a bit. No worries, this Fridays' project will go along with the whole paint thing, so it will take me two days, rather than one.

Today one of the characters in my story will be going through a name change. My 4 years old will be referred to from this point on as my 5 year old. He will continue to be referred to as my youngest child and small (as in small, medium and large) He has decided that his friends at school want to celebrate his day with applesauce and ring-pops. You could not ask for a better combination. I am sending spoons with him, just in case on of the kids decides that they don't want to use the ring-pops to eat the apple sauce. I am sure there will be at least one in that crowd.

Picture 262

We will be celebrating his name change on Saturday. We are having a winter party (duh) what I mean is an old fashion maple tapping party without the maple tapping. Unfortunately there doesn't look like there will be any snow for this, and now I have to change plans.

If you have been reading through any of my sons' birthday parties, you know we have grand, but inexpensive parties. (Party On the Range, Human Exhibit, All About Frogs, The was a great fear factor one, but I can't find it)

Yesterday was interesting, again. I was eating lunch, and my dogs were barking. I thought it was nothing but the horse neighbor working her dogs. But the fifth time I looked out to hush them, the horse neighbor wife was limping up my side walk. She has a retired horse, living out his last days in the field. He has one very bad leg, and he was laying down on it, couldn't get up. She had just had needles in her spine the day before, prepping for spinal surgery, and she needed help getting him up before the other horses killed him. We talked as we walked. He had go down the day after Christmas, her and her daughter had a heck of a time getting him up. I pushed on the horse, but couldn't get him to roll. She told me how they did it before, and we went to get the ropes. I called the good neighbor to see if he could help. With her back the way it was, there was no way she could do any pushing or pulling. Good neighbor arrived and we harness the horse. He pulled, I pushed, and right up he went. We did it a lot quicker and easier than last time. She says she knows it's time to call in the vet. If she isn't home and this happens that other horses will kill him. Sad, but necessary. It didn't seem like it, but I was over there for almost 3 hours. I made sure that she has my number, so if this happens again, before the vet has a chance to come out, she can just call.

I wonder what today will bring.


The Thinker said...

Congratulations on the name change. They go through so many of those so quickly. **sigh**

I know y'all will all have a great time. I've read your birthday party posts before. The boys are lucky to have such an inventive mama.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Small! :)

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! 5 is so much fun :)

Annette said...

5, eh? Time flies when your havin' fun! I will have some applesauce in his honor and the leave the ring pops to my kids. =)

Everwild said...

Heh, I dunno why you don't throw birthday parties professionally! Yay for birthdays!

I wonder at how bad this "very bad leg" is. Are we talking unnecessary suffering? If so, horse neighbor needs to decide if she's keeping the old guy alive for his sake or for her own.

Phelan said...

I will tell him you all said happy birthday when he gets home.

About the horse.

The vet was already contacted earlier this year. He told them that as long as there is no hoof infections, and that he is still eating, to just let him hang out. She isn't that selfish as to allow the horse to suffer. It got bad when the eather got worse. She is contacting the vet because she knows that it is time.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Happy name-change day!

Matriarchy said...

I love your creative birthday parties. I can't wait to see what you come up with this time.

There is a old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." If anyone wants to know what that means, they just have to read your blog. I would love to have you as a neighbor. You are the "good neighbor."

white_lilly said...

A big Happy Birthday to the little fella :)

It is hard making decisions when it comes to animals you love but with love you make the right decision.

Gail said...

Happy Five. What a wonderful snake. Is that a Garter Snake?

alrescate said...

Five? It doesn't seem possible!

Tell'em I said Happy Birthday!

P~ said...

Well Happy birthday to the little guy. I'm sure he'll love the attention.

Phelan said...

Gail, yes that is a garter snake. He found it in the spring while we were digging in the potato patch.

Anonymous said...







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