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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

~shakes head~

I warned you guys that there would be tests, and I worry about your scores. Some of you get credit for creativity, some get credit for sarcasm, and some of you need a tutor. ha! The answer to yesterday's pop quiz was C: Going to milk a cow.

Now those of you that said going for a motorcycle ride, this could have been true, but there was a single clue that could have tipped you off if you had been paying attention. I was wearing a red fluffy coat. If I was going on a bike ride, I would have been in leather. (just givin' a hard time)

The mask is great, not only for cold and/or wet bike rides, but a wonderful aid for working out in the elements. I use to wear those do-rags, hop along cassidy, whatever the cool kids call them now a days, we have always and still call them skull caps, like a cowboy. But we bought this mask when we went to the Sparks America bike rally a year ago, because of all the rain we encountered. (if you haven't read that story yet, I highly suggest it, it's a good one) The mask is warm and waterproof, and it is something that I consider a homesteading aid.

So run out to your nearest mom and pop bike shop and buy one this winter. No one is paying me to say any of this, if they were I would have posted a brand name, but I will give a shout out to one of our own local shops. Those of you in the Wichita area can get them in Haysville, Broadway Street Bike. Go! GO NOW! I am feeling rather ornery this morning.

I would have to guess that the point to all of that is, you can find many tools for the winter homestead in unconventional places. It isn't like there is a store dedicated to the homesteading life. Ok, you got me, there are a few online, but not all of us go online for supplies. I shop as local as possible, and sometimes you can stumble upon things that's main purpose has nothing to do with this life.

What unconventional homesteading tool do you use to make this life easier?


Donna said...

Duh me. As a motorcycle rider, I should have thought of the leathers!

There's a reason I don't wear full-face things when it's cold: At any temperature under 40 degrees, my nose runs. You can imagine what a mess that would be, under that full-face covering.

Phelan said...

Ah, but see Donna, this mask has a nose hole. My husband's nose runs as well, he still loves the mask.

Mrs Flam said...

My thought was you were you stopped to amuse yourself by scareing children while on your way to take a bike ride to milk the cow.....

Seems like something my hubby might do. You know stop and scare the children on the way to do something else.

Stephany said...

I missed the quiz but I might have guessed correctly. I remember many a cold morning when I would have appreciated having something like that to wear while doing chores.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phelan...that mask looks like it would be a blessing for any chore outside.

madcobug said...

I myself thought milk the cow but didn't put it in a comment. I have milked the cows when my nose would run and the nose hairs froze. Those days are over for me now. Helen

white_lilly said...

That was really good! I couldn't even image being that cold or living with that much snow but I'm sure I would grab or use anything that make life easier :)

Gail said...

Every time I visit your blog, for a second, when that photo pops up, I think there has been a terrible farm accident...then I remember.
Love your blog.

April said...

Do you scare the cow when you wear the mask? Just kiddin'.

My homesteading tool that I can't live without is a multitude of 5 gallon icecream buckets. We use the darn things for everything.

white_lilly said...

Hi Phelan, when you get time pop on over and see the Award I have given you :)

Phelan said...

Mrs. Flam, stopiing and scarring the children is one of my pass times. :)

Stephany, I remember plenty of mornings before I got the mask. ugh!

HermitJim, oh my, it is!

Helen, I know what you mean about the frozen nose. Not fun!

White Lilly, it is a good thing that I love it here. Thank you for the award!

Gail, what the goat up my butt? That would make a very interesting story.

April, I scare the calf, but the adults could care less as long as I have a treat for them. The ice cream bucket, oh we use to use them all the time. Wonderful little helpers.

Miss April aka SilverSunbeam said...

My first thought on seeing the picture (before looking at my choices) was the cow thing. Have you considered getting some for the boys and turning them into Mexican wrestler's masks? They'd be SO cool!

Anonymous said...







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