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Monday, July 07, 2008

A Holiday in review

Hope everyone had a fine time setting off fireworks. We walk to the neighbor across the ways house and had dinner, and set off our fireworks. The area was filled with them, so there was no need to go far from home.

My 10 year old turns 11 today. For his birthday we took him to Exploration Place, and saw the Our Body: The Universe Within, exhibit. We took all our boys. The youngest made the staff a little nervous, he was the youngest walker in there. But he did well. Only had to tell him not to touch the bodies twice. The third time I had to move him away from where he was standing, as something was spinning and he was trying to stand just right so it would touch him. After that we took the rest of the museum by storm. Ran up and down the castle, stood inside of a real bubble, saw prairie dogs, and spider. Stood inside of a man made tornado, tried to fly airplanes and lost our oldest child. We found him a while later, he had sneaked off to the store to buy something for himself.

After that we found ourselves at my mother house. We discussed more about the farmstead. Looks like it will be after my garden harvest before I will be able to spend much time out there.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We saw that display while it was in Cleveland. It is well worth it. Stephanie is picking beans every chance she gets now.

Donna said...

Today is my birthday too! Only I'm 64.

FancyHorse said...

My kids used to love the science museum, too. It's grown a lot since they were young, bigger and better.

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