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Thursday, April 24, 2014


I had written this long winded post, but thought better of it and have condensed it considerably.

First, I have my opinions as an outsider, why there are no jobs in this community. But for now, I shall keep them to myself. We haven't given up on looking for work, it is a daily ritual. 

Secondly, I have some amazing, inspiring friends from all over the world that remind me of why I do the things I do. That keep me sane. And whose peer pressure is so vast, that I can not give up on things, or they will hunt me down.

Third, the Neophyte Homestead is in Kansas. I have not yet lost the Kentucky Holler.

Fourth, I wrote my post yesterday out of frustration, tiredness, and the fear of the unknown. This is one reason that I will be taking a break. 

Fifth, up until last week I was unable to prove I live here. So any assistants would have been next to impossible to receive. 

Husband and I sat down and figured out a new game plan. More sacrifices have to be made for us to stay.  Plan A is now plan B. The new plan A? Survive. The skills I learned at my leisure in Kansas have now become skills I must use to survive here.

I will be keeping a private journal for a bit. And will update you on decisions, and our future. 

Thank you for listening, or reading, and being understanding. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tax and consequence

I do learn from mistakes. I am not insane, though some may argue crazy, but insanity isn't one of my quirks. I also tend to accept the consequences of my actions. 

The shop is on a quarterly tax plan. Meaning every three months, I fill out a form for the State of Kentucky and pay what I owe. This is enlightening in many ways. I keep books, but hadn't paid real attention to how much we actually made. For the last three months, we were living on less than $75 a month. That is how much we had for food for five plus pets, gas and mortgage. We find ourselves in a frustrating loop. We must have the shop to make a living, but we can barely live. The shop has picked up in business, but it is too late.

Our planning was bad. We put trust in people that we shouldn't have. We lost the Neophyte Homestead on promises, we are unable to find second jobs, though we have applied as far away as Huntington, WV.  Now we face even more consequences.

I have failed. I apologize, but it is the truth. We are unable to survive here. (Financially)

I don't know what we do from here. But this blog is on hiatus until further notice. There are years upon years of knowledge, mistakes, recipes and how-tos if you look around. 

When we decide what happens, I will let you know. Right now I am in mourning, and not the best person to be around. I put on my big girl panties every morning to deal with the world. My blog is where I find solace, it has always been cathartic. But lately it has felt like I have had to hide some things that have been happening. That to open up as I have done in the past will bring about even more trouble, criticisms, and backlash.  

There are so many things I wish to share, not just to vent, but to remember when I finally am subdued by the brain damage and forget, so my boys know what truly went on when I can no longer recall, and so we can learn through my mistakes as I have always put forth. 

I know exactly what we did wrong, we didn't fully do our research, we didn't plan the move correctly, and we moved too soon. We allowed our excitement and love for the land to override logic. 

We tried. We tried our damnedest to make this work. We are drowning, and there is no life guard on duty.

I am asking for nothing. It gets exhausting being accused of trying to get things out of people every time I have bad news to share. Yet another reason I no longer feel comfortable sharing as much as I once did. Your good thoughts, positive vibes, well wishes and prayers do us a world of good.

Thank you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dirty and tired

Hope you had a good Easter weekend. 

Ours was of course sparse. No egg hunt, but I did managed to round up a bit of candy for the boys. We cooked outside as it is now that time of year. But before an early dinner, we worked the garden.

Husband and I spent hours working the soil with a hand cultivator and our hands. We might have gotten a third of it cleaned up. Still not ready to plant anything in it yet, but it is getting closer. My hand's still hurt this morning. 

My heart is heavy this morning, but I need to wait until things come to completion before I write them down. 

I digress, after our sun burns took on lives of their own, Husband and I settled down along the Styx Creek and watched Medium and Small feed the minnows. We laughed as we watched the fish grab worms, lager than themselves, and then behave like chickens. One would "run" while a horde would chase behind. Suddenly something twice the size of the largest minnow (largest minnow would be about three finger wide and 6" long) came shooting out from under the small waterfall, stealing the worm and disappearing under the leaves. I have tried looking it up, but can't seem to describe it well enough for the search engine. I though a catfish at first, it was blue, with two white spikes on either side of it's face, yet it's mouth wasn't as flat as typical catfish. We seem to have found two of them in the Creek Styx.

(Last year's photo)

Husband got the fire going, and. I set about dinner. With no breeze to cool our sunburns, the fire quickly got me in a not so pleasant mood, yet dinner was bueatifully done. Husband quickly fashioned an oven over top so that I could bake a cake. The oven work well too well. The cake was done in five minutes, and I checked it at ten. Aw well the chared part peeled right off. The cake was a bit flat as it didn't have much time to rise. Still yummy, and the boys gobbled it up. 

Sleep came as a blessing. I was so exhausted. Having not done much manual labor in the year and a half since the wreck, this has been trying. My knee is stiff today, but not worse for wear. We are in the shop this morning, though technically closed on Mondays, Husband scheduled a motorcycle in and we have two to send home. 

I am grateful things have picked up, but it has come too late.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Still here

We finished tearing up the soil for the garden, by hand. A Maddox and a garden claw can do wonders.
And my cool weather veggies are sprouting. This in itself makes me feel better. Of course it helps that word of Husband's genius has gotten out, and the V-twin guys are starting to show up at the shop. It's still a struggle, but things are looking brighter. 

The boys enjoyed their first swim of the season. Of course the water was freezing, and I should know, I went in. There is another small waterfall down stream. husband and I walked down here to bathe. I could lay at the top of the fall, hang my head off the ridge, and wash my hair with abandonment. It was wonderfully awesome. Only words to describe it. I felt so much cleaner in the creak than I have in the tub. Chilly, but blissful.

Miss Buckets even joined in.

Watermelon seeds that were spit out last fall are starting to sprout. As well as many windflowers and wild onion.

I chased sheep around, trying to get a photo of the lamb. Turns out it is a girl.

I still am unable to run, however I did manage to get into a skip without my knee hurting.

This is Pail. She was dumped at the top of our hill. We found her during the coldest part of the winter, and I just couldn't have her freeze to death.

At least she smiles.

That's the extent of what is happening here. Besides I think I am going to change the name of the holler. The garden has taken up most of our time. Once that is in, other things can start.

Oh, and. Husband named the bull calf, Bullbo. (We had a Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit marathon)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Casting Call

I received this email and thought I would pass the info along to anyone interested.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It's a Boy!

Xuxi had her calf yesterday. A healthy bull!

Let the name game begin! (Heehee. I have declared today a good, playful day)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Burning here scares me a bit. Maybe if I was up top it wouldn't be a problem, but being down here and not being able to see it coming isn't something I am use to, and it could easily catch you unaware.

Those of you the read Small Farm Girl's blog know she was burning the other day. Part of what they were burning rolls into our property. When she had called down for help from Husband, I was making dinner so opted to stay here. Then I was alone. And one can get paranoid when they have no idea what is going on. I was thinking about the only way out of here. If the fire came down, and blocked the way. . . I was having visions of standing in the creek with a soaking wet blanket. 

Ok, so that might be a bit over dramatic, but have you seen how woods can burn? Have you heard the sound of rushing water that is actually fire? I have. My oldest brother was a Fire Fighter for the Forest Rangers. I have seen the pictures and videos. I am not a fire fighter. And I can't run just yet.

At least in Kansas I could see the prairie fires coming. Here, I can't see them, and if I see the smoke, I can't tell exactly where it is.

I came home last night and one of our posts was on fire at the top of the hill. I raced down and grabbed Husband. We got it out, but if I hadn't seen the smoke, our field then the woods over our house would have caught. (This was Husband's fault, no one else)

Did I mention I don't like fires here? 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Breaking Ground

We have finally been able to get the ground turned in for the garden. Well half of it any how. The rototiller smoked a belt, so now it all must be done by hand.

We are sore and exhausted. The roots are thick and cumbersome in length. We are going to be too late to get any cool weather veggies in the ground, luckily I have plans for that.

Monday, March 31, 2014


We had a good, bonding, family day on Sunday.

We headed over to a new friend's place (He calls us his Buddies) and proceeded to dismantle 100 year old house walls. Salvaging the good wood so that we can start framing a chicken coop, and maybe a few other animal shelters.

Large went to the military ball so was unable to help. And someone had asked why we don't have chickens. We were not able to transport them, because Ky won't allow it, and we don't have any type of shelter for them. That will hopefully soon be rectified, and we will be able to get chickens again!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Small's Accomplishment

For those of you that are new, welcome! Small is my youngest son, age 10.

By now we have all been made aware of how much Small loathes the school here. So much so, that he was worrying himself sick over things. Yesterday we had a "small" breakthrough.

And it is all thanks to National Agriculture Day, and 4H.

Last week Small came home with an assignment that was going to be involved with The University of Kentucky Ag. Dept and 4H. He was to make a presentation, following the guidelines set forth. One of the rules was no weapons, but you could talk about them and show diagrams, and no live animals. (Some of you might remember Large's project a few years back, he was allowed to bring in Chickens)

So we fussed over what to do. Small suggested cooking. It was on the list. He wouldn't be allowed to show off his knife skills because even kitchen knives are listed under weapon. We settled on making campfire muffins. They are made just like the Campfire brownies in the orange cups, but made with a chocolate muffin rather than the brownies. We made the information poster, got the ingredients and equipment put together and practiced making them. Even made a couple for the judges to taste.

Yesterday was the competition. I was worried that because of his shyness, and lack of public speaking exposure, that he would not do very well, and hate school even more.

However, once he hopped in the truck, he was excited. Big smiles and bouncing! I asked him how he did.

"I lost to a rainbow cake and a rock collection." Then he handed me a blue ribbon. He scored 97 out of 100. The 3 point deduction was for eye contact or lack there of.  He was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to go to the County competition for it, but he was still stoked about winning a ribbon for originality and communications. The judges feedback was great! We know what he needs to work on for the future, and he is pressuring me to enroll him in 4H. (of course I will).

I am proud of Small, and so grateful he has found something to like here. (sorry no picture of the muffins, just the brownies we made in the past)

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