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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Better days

We have never seen our back pasture mowed. A neighbor came down this weekend, and brush hogged it all down. He was tired of chasing his rouge cows through our thicket. No more scratches for him. Ha!  He also had an auger attachment on his tractor, and decided to dig holes for our garden fence posts.

A little driveway mowing and we found him up top, mowing that grass as well. Guess he was on a roll.

On more personal news, Large has graduated High School! He starts in a University (on a scholarship) in the fall!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Having tea with Loki

Green has finally decided to grace us with his presence. It feels like it has been too long.

With Spring comes the wild foods I so enjoy. Friends joined us to eat our first bounty of wild onions.

The dish of wild onion, carrots and potatoes slow cooked in hard apple cider and minced garlic can out divine. We served it with pork ribs smothered in apple bbq sauce.

We have had a few people point out a bush to us. Mountain tea, is the only explanation I received. Someone said it was Ironwort. But I am not completely sure of that. It looks nothing like it. I thought elderberry, but the taste wasn't right.

What I do know is that is makes a wonderfully minty tea. I was told that when the berries come in and if I can get to it before the deer, it is even better. We made some fresh, and dried out more for later.

And we are of course super happy to introduce you all to Urth's Umbra's little bull calf.


He has been attempting to live up to his name, already.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A short break in the weather

Between the snow and flooding, we got a few days that we were able to get some garden in, take a walk, and enjoy Easter Sunday.

Miss Buckets is officially deaf.
Husband got me something to make my life a tad easier

After egg dying, Medium and Small decided to use the rest on themselves.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just another story of a long winter's week.

We have been trapped in the holler for a solid week. 

It all began innocently enough. Sunday, I dropped Husband off at school 3 hours away, and slowly made my way home. The radio warned us, promised us, threatened us with 10" of snow by the morning. I could only sigh in response. Over the winter threats have been banded about, snowagedeon! Yet we have seen very little. I stopped for gas and a bit more groceries, as we haven't been able to hunt this year. I purchased some treats for the boys, and made my way home. 

My thinking was thus; they tend to over exaggerated, and even if they don't this time, I will be able to get out, and retrieve Husband by the end of the week. I was correct about one thing, they lied. No one saw fit to warn me about the 3 extra inches we were to receive on Weds. 

We were trapped! We went about our chores, and our day. Muttering all the while. Then the temperatures bottom out.  Well below negative 20F wind chills zipped through the holler. By morning Large and I were screaming and slapping, pulling and lifting. Trying desperately with tear stained eyes to provoke our bull calf, Bullbo, to move. The girls had froze him out. He must have laid there alone all through the night. When he would no longer respond, no fight left, we ended it for him. Mercy.

Wood, that should have lasted the week if I had been leaving during the day, dwindled. Large and Medium took sledge hammers to our pallets. Smashing and breaking them small enough to burn and keep us warm. Anything on the ground, tree wise, was too frozen to chop through. We had to sell our log splitter last summer, and now it is difficult for us to produce enough firewood for an entire season. 

One more day until Husband was to be home. And how was I to go get him? Luckily he was able to catch a ride, almost all the way home, to a friend's. Now our friend's car is stuck down in the holler!   I was shocked to see headlights erupting in the house. Oh, no! Why would he allow him to come down? In a way it was a blessing. The cold had sapped the life from my battery. At least I could get a jump, and have a way to escape once it was possible. But now I might have a houseguest for the foreseeable future. He ended up walking up, and being met by his wife. The roads uptop were pretty bad, from what I was told. 

The next day, Husband walked up top and was able to catch a ride into town for much needed grocery items. The neighbors even brought him back down on their ATV. It made me long to have one again, just for this type of situation. And then the shoveling began.

That evening, I opened the door for Large. Gratefully he was still several feet out from the house and I was the one that opened the door. For suddenly all the snow on the roof crashed down into the frozen gutter, taking it all with it to the ground. 

Two days and 1/4 mile later, it was time to attempt an escape. The morning attempts went badly, as in a smashed taillight against the cattle pen. Soon we were almost all the way up! And stuck in the ditch. The boys and I scampered out, and pushed, and shoved with our collective might. Until fatigue set in and a foot gained. Two hours later found the boys and I walking the rest of the way up, with Husband and truck awaiting.

Darkness fell, and I, the pretty pretty princess that I am, slowly shuffled down the steep and slick hill. I fell behind the clan.  Branches collapsing from the weight of the wet and refreezing snow, perked my paranoia. Shuffle shuffle, who goes there? Large predators have been recently rumored to be in the area. Shuffle shuffle, slip. The worst was the fact that the snow would hold you up for a scant second and then drop you. My knees naturally hyper extend, however it really hurts my right knee (surgery). I tried stomping to lessen the impact. Ruts were now iced over, and dangerous. Soon however my knight in shining flannel returned. Hands firmly grasped, I went down, pulling Husband down with me.  Tailbones cracking echoed against the hills. 

We made it down onto the flats. Husband was kind enough to shorten his steps, allowing me to walk in his path, and cease the pain that my swollen knee was feeling. I cried a bit and thanked him once we were finally inside the warm shelter. You, my Husband, are truly wonderful.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Another Casting Call

I received this email last night, though I declined, I offered to pass the info along. (Thank you for your emails and comments. I will be able to post a full report of going ons soon)


My name is Felicia and I am a casting researcher for a new family docu-series we are currently casting, and I just came across your blog. We are looking for hardworking couples & families throughout the U.S. I wanted to reach out to see if you and your family were interested or if you knew any families who would be. 

Below is some more information about the show. 

Inline image 1 



(Applicants must be at least 18 years old and US Citizens to apply)

Are you a hardworking family living paycheck to paycheck?  

Has your work life kept you from spending quality time with your family? 

Do you ever have a hard time making financial decisions together as a couple? 

 Is Dad the “saver” and Mom the “spender” or vice versa?

If so, wed love to talk to you and help you in a fun and creative way on a new television show!

From a MAJOR TELEVISION NETWORK, comes a new television series looking for outspoken, opinionated and dynamic couples and/or families nationwide who dont always agree on everything, but are willing to talk it out on a new creative new television series!


1. Name & ages of both you and your significant other & length of relationship

2. Occupations of both of you

3. How many kids you have

4. City, State you live in

5. Contact info (please include phone numbers and email addresses for both parties)

6. Recent photo of your family AND a clear photo of you and your significant other.

7. Write a brief description about your family and why you are excited to share your story with America.  Describe why you answered yes to any or all of the questions above.  Describe your personalities, struggles and triumphs over the years together.  What are your dreams and what is holding you back from achieving them?

(Where did you see this post?)

If selected, you will be paid for your participation.

Thank you so much!

Felicia Rogers

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Not much to say

I really don't have too much to share right now. Though I do miss writing to you. The winter is, luckily, easier than last. We have food, we have friends, we have plenty of heat. No real snow fall yet, so the driveway of doom has been easier to navigate. However things have been freezing. 

So we must take water to the cows.

And that makes them happy. We did lose Xuxi however. Her calf is doing well. Our new year has started out on some very sour notes. But joyful things have been pushing in on us. I have several laborers coming out to do many things. They are some wonderful men. In exchange for their work, I will be showing them some things, canning and gardening are on their list of must learns. 

I could list out all our plans, but I thought it would be better to wait until we are actually doing these things. So much has been pushed back as it is because of circumstances, as they are. We are taking baby steps and building community. That's important to us right now. And that means soon I will be introducing you to more characters in our ever changing story. I think you may enjoy them as much as we have been.

Until the next time I am able to write. . .

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Casting call

I received an email yesterday from a production company I have worked with via phone calls in the past. I thought I would pass the info along to you.

If you have questions, and would prefer to go through me, email me. I do have her phone number and can get those questions answered anonymously.

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