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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


We planted our peanuts at the same time as our sweet potatoes. They need a soil temp of 70f. They were Virginia Peanuts, the large ones that are sold for snacking.

Last year we had a decent crop, and seed saved for this year. Unfortunately, this crop didn't do as well. We have talked about heading over to the sand pit that's a few miles down the road and buying some sand for the garden. That will help several of our plants be more successful.

We are just going to eat these and re-buy peanuts for next spring.

I have two articles out in this months All Foods Natural newsletter, and one just happens to be on Thanksgiving. D-day for our turkey is November 20th, I will warn everyone that I will be posting about our first turkey slaughter on the 20th, and post it on the 21st. {So those that want to avoid it, can. }

My husband and I have sat down and wrote out what we normally have for Thanksgiving dinner. With the 100 mile Thanksgiving Challenge, we have discovered that we have just about everything that we need here, the only things we don't, are coffee, sugar, and chocolate. We can live without the chocolate pie, but coffee. . . we need to figure something out or we will have a very grumpy day.

Any one else taking the 100 mile Thanksgiving Challenge? How are your menu plans coming along?


Cheryl said...

Wow, the peanut crop looks decent to me! I wish we could grow them here, peanut butter is a staple in our house.
Mmm, I'm ready for Thanksgiving dinner again already (it's been a whole month!). Guess I'll just have to wait until Christmas.

El said...

We're doing the 100-Mile T-day, too. The one thing I had a really hard problem finding was locally-grown wheat (for flour) and celery (for the typ. sage-y stuffing). I need to blog about it, though, but have been sooo obsessed about the elections I figured I would let things calm down before I posted. We're using honey for sweetening the pie. Coffee is a Life Necessity around here so that's going to be the exception!

Jenny said...

The peanuts look good to me!

We've considered doing the 100-mile Thanksgiving also, but I'm not hosting dinner at my home this year. I think the dishes I bring (roasted root vegetables and savory squash souffle) to the table will qualify if I make a few adjustments.

Marina said...

Keep an eye on your mail!

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