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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't forget to vote my US friends!

I have what feels like a decent sized migraine coming on. I have no idea what triggered it, maybe the excitement over finally waking up and not having the teens out front. I found where they were getting out at, and sealed it up. I didn't have to sit out all morning to do it either. They are a brazen bunch.

I have done my research, and think I know who is pro-NAIS and who is sitting on the fence. Not one person{here} running for an office is anti-NAIS, makes me have so much hope for the future. I have also ran into the problem of, this one is on the fence about NAIS but is against something else that I feel is important, yet the pro-NAIS is pro this other issue. ~sigh~ My husband is taking off work early so this afternoon so we can go vote.

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