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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am NOT making meth

Rice flour is not something you can find in any grocer. Don't let those food writers fool you. I have looked for rice flour, I really feel the need to make tempura. But alas! I can't find it, so had to make it myself.

It wasn't that hard to do, simple soaking of rice {overnight}. Straining and reserving water, putting the rice and some of the water through a blender, than pressing it for a few hours to allow the water to drain.

My husband came home from work and spotted this in the sink.
You making meth? Trying to get some extra Christmas money? It's not meth! You could have smelled it down the block if it was. Of course he just smiled at me.

The almost finished project as of this morning. It is still drying out to be stored until I am ready to use it.

It was 87F {30c} yesterday. What happened to the 25F {-3c} we were having? I couldn't enjoy the weather, actually I was a little ticked. The freeze killed all my plants so there was nothing in the garden to enjoy the warm weather. We cleaned the yard, preparing for snow that might never come, too hot in the house to do much inside {the house is ready for winter, not like I could open a window.}


Cheryl said...

Wow, you must have a strong hankering for tempura - you are one resourceful woman!
Our temperature has been varying widely too, but by twenty degrees, not more than 30! Crazy.

Anonymous said... are funny!

And innovative!!


BurdockBoy said...

You make me feel guilty for buying Bob's Red Mill rice flour at the store. In fact, I just bought some the other day.

Phelan said...

Cheryl, yes, my hanker is strong.

Elli, ~grin~

Burdockboy, feel guilty, very guilty!

Billy said...

Have you tried looking at the Asian food store for rice flour? You probably don't need to considering you made it so simply yourself. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I think the temps are getting back to normal. (I hope so anyway.)

The Unusual Farmchick said...

I never realized how easy that is! Thank you for the heads up. I do believe I will never buy rice flour again. I like the "frugalness" of this one. I kinda (well alot) get a kick out of finding ways to "cut off the man" by doing it myself and save money.

Anonymous said...

Abbagirl, The closest asian market {decent one} is a little ways out of the way. I have to justify the run.

Alrescate, I hope.

Tammie, How much does a pound of rice flour cost. I bought 5 pounds of rice for $1.25.

Anonymous said...

in my local store it is $3 for a box of rice flour- if I can find it. Same thing with graham flour on the if I find it part. I found some today in a superstore for a box about 2 lbs at $1.89- which I think is a great price for a hard to find item like graham flour.

Stephanie Appleton said...

Ever resourceful! :)

Alexandra said...

Wow, I wonder if you can use rice flour like regular flour? Can you make bread with it? Neat!

Celeste said...

How many pounds of rice flour does 5 ponds of rice make?

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