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Sunday, July 30, 2006

YOu want to do what with my sausage? blogathon entry # 35

Okay, I have a question. Actually, a few, haha. Where do you get your recipes? Do you make up your own recipes? And what is your favorite thing to eat? ~ mallory

I get my recipes from many places. If I can remember where I find them, I give them credit. If not, I can't. I do make up some of my own recipes, though I like to start with a base recipe and then "fix" it. I also have a small metal box full of recipes from my grandfather.

My favorite thing to eat? Want the recipes?

Candied Italian Sausage
5 Mild Italian sausages
favorite sweet beer or spiced rum

Pour beer over sausage in a deep sauce pan to cover. Set heat on simmer and cover pan. Cook a few {3} hours, pouring more beer to cover. Uncover, turn heat up to high, and turn frequently, until all liquid is gone and the sausage looks slimy. Allow to dry out slightly then serve.

I serve it with home made fettuccini Alfredo, steamed broccoli and Italian bread.

I have a few recipes posted here, in this forum.

sorry only 4 points, now I'm hungry.


Marina said...

hey, doll...i'm crashing
i might make it through one more post
will have to read the rest in the morning

so, here's a question:
are you going to go back and comment on our comments?
(after you've gotten some sleep, of course)

florafloraflora said...

OMG, that sounds insanely, amazingly good.

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