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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Want to make a quick 100

points that is.

Laura Ingalls Wilder;

" I take it you've read the compilation of articles she'd written about her and Manly's Missouri place?
I had a copy of it stashed away at my parent's place in CA, but it became water-damaged, and I've been looking for another since then. "

I'll give you 100 points if you can get this woman a copy!

The one that one4worldpeace found here, is not the right one!


caligula03 said...

On the Way Home is all about the place they built in the Ozarks.

I RABCKed my copy to somone in the UK -- otherwise I'd be willing to send it along.

Marina said...

Nope, that one is a continuation of her "Little House" series. She wrote newspaper articles before she wrote her novels.

polli said...

Is it this?

polli said...

Another possibility

caligula03 said...

It's not a continuation of her little house series. These are articles and diaries she wrote years before writing the Little House Series.

There is also West From Home which are articles she wrote for the SF Chron but I've not read the book yet so I can't say for sure if any of them cover her home.

I have a copy of it that I can read and pass along if needed/ wanted.

Marina said...

caligula03, you're right...On the Way Home is not part of her Little House series. I did read it years ago, and it still isn't the book I used to have. Thank you for trying and offering!

polli--the one you linked from is the right one! Since amazon also has it, I've put it on my wish list (in hopes my dad will replace it). Thank you!

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