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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The death of a funnel cake blogathon entry #36

Here's a isn't a very cheery one, though! Have you guys talked about when/why/if you will ever *stop* homesteading for some reason? What kinds of things would cause you to decide that? (doesn't have to be real specific, just "kids" or something) Just wondering. Oh! And do your kids go to the local school or do you homeschool too?? (that might make you certifiable!)

(from buffra, racking her brain to keep folks awake!)

15 points for being thought provoking!

What would cause us to stop homesteading. My death, losing our land {but then we would just do it on a smaller scale}. I couldn't imagine stoping, yet I am sure there could be a reason to {like the Government taking it to build condos}

My kids do go to a public school, see here for more about that.

One hour left to answer my trivia questions. Are they too hard? It can't be because the prize is a funnel cake maker! Who can resist the funnel cake!


myopicmeringue said...

I came to cheer you on :-) I am wondering what a funnel cake is. I know you've posted a pic, but I'm not sure what about it makes it a funnel cake. It looks like macaroni with tomato sauce. :-)

bobbarama said...

I so totally want that funnel cake maker but I am not finding where the big higs live. ARGH!

rarsberry said...

I am looking for the answers now.
Where do I post my answers?

YokoSpungeon said...

I want that cake. Off to take the quiz right now.

Meanwhile, have you ever heard of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall? He is a journalist in the UK who bought a smallholding...

Here's his website:

There may be some interesting recipes on there for you :)

polli said...

Ok I am DYING with laughter over here at what MM said about what the funnel cake looks like. It's only 1:30 am for me and already all of you blogathonners posts are getting hysterically funny!

YokoSpungeon said...

Where do I put my answers?

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