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Saturday, July 29, 2006

E=MC Circle? Blogathon entry # 12

A Laura freak, huh? I take it you've read the compilation of articles she'd written about her and Manly's Missouri place?
I had a copy of it stashed away at my parent's place in CA, but it became water-damaged, and I've been looking for another since then. I'll give you 100 points if you can get this woman a copy!

Yay for independence!

So, when are you going to start homeschooling the boys?

[good thing I'm out of reach] ~ marina

It is a good thing you are out of reach. Homeschooling? I have yet to come to a point in my life where I trust myself enough to do such a thing. I fear I would cause more damage than I should. I do not allow only the public school system to educate my sons. We study many other things that I feel that they should know, and explore the things they ask about. Maybe some day I will. I know some of the homesteaders on my webring do homeschool.

3 points marina!

We are up to $336USD for Farm Aid! You guys are great! The scavenger hunt is still open, and will be until 4 pm central time. Go get me some stuff! No cheating and copying off the others!

Still time to Sponsor Me! remember that none of your donations will go through me, after the blogathon, you will directly donate to Farm Aid.


Anonymous said...

Just saying, I love homeschooling. But maybe it's just me.

Marina said...

Here's my short answer:

There's parents who fulfil the state requirements by buying workbooks for the kids to get their basics in. It's pretty hard to mess those up. Co-ops are another great resource (someone will be able to cover what you feel you can't).

Anonymous said...

Off topic but ...

I bought some corn. Any good corn chowder or soup recipes. (Especially meatless varieties?)

~ hungry and greedy reader

Anonymous said...

Could this be the book? Laura's Scrapbook?

Anonymous said...

I'm so close that I'll try to out there and find it for you.

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