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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Solar, wind or company blogathon entery #11

In a recent long drawn out conversation with someone else, we discussed solar energy vs wind, and other forms of energy. We did come to the agreement that at least for my area (western Washington state) you could not generate enough with solar alone. So my questions are, do you know anyone in your area that uses solar as their sole power source and can you generate enough to keep you warm and happy?
My next question is about the cost of solar, do you have a plan to buy the set up panels on a farmers budget? ~ oneforworldpeace

First off, I am sorry about your long drawn out conversation. Kansas has more than enough sun and wind. We discussed wind, but we don't have the room for turbines. Our home will be under earth, it stays a relative 53f {11c}the need for cooling will be a matter of opening windows and a system of pipes that run water out from the house and back into the home a fan will be used to push the now water cooled air through the rooms.

For the winter, we have a fireplace, a cooking hearth and wood burning stoves.

Many electric companies do give incentives, and help you purchase solar panels. What do they get out of it, they get your extra electricity. After your "loan" is paid back to them, they start paying you for the use of your surplus, that is if you choose to continue with them.

5 points for oneforworldpeace {not for the question, for being able to sit and disscuss this with others}


Anonymous said...

You mention that you are choosing solar over wind. Is it possible under the rightconditions to use both so you have a constant supply of energy?
how many turbines would you need for your area? how big are they/how much room do they take up?

Anonymous said...

that was me again


alrescate said...

As I was driving home I went by a bunch of huge windmills (turbines?). I wanted to stop and take a picture but I had someone on my bumper and no good spot to stop & get out without being run down.

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