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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh! Go Sit And Spin blogathon entry # 10

I'm curious about the wool thing. Do you plan to sell the wool or actually spin it (or whatever it is called) and create your own clothing? With all that you do so far, I am having a hard time figuring out where the time for that would come from! ~mysterylady36

Spinning looks like it would be a cool thing to learn. Maybe someday after I have learned how not to mess everything else up, I might just learn to spin. Until then though, I think we will just be selling it, or trading. With everything else I have to do, spinning doesn't seem feasible.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to learn to spin too. LJer hellomango is always posting pics of the yarn she spins and it looks so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Spinning is dirt simple. I mean it. It's the third human handicraft, after flint napping and leatherwork; it goes back a couple hundred thousand years. It was so common that today on ebay you can buy 5,000-year-old spindle whorls for $15--there are that many of them out there. It's so simple that in societies where it's still necessary it's left as much as possible to the children and old folks. And for all that, it's very, very soothing. Don't look at it as "something more to do," but as meditation time. I use it to empty my mind, gain calm and perspective, and, frankly, pray. If you keep your sheep clean and pay attention to fleece quality at shearing time (no second cuts, little vegetable matter, well-skirted--ie, leave off the damaged wool and wool that has sheep poop in/on it), and you have wool-specific breeds that are attractive to handspinners, you can at least make your sheep pay for themselves and still have plenty of wool for yourself. Good luck! I wish I could homestead but my health precludes it.

Marina said...

My friend Andi (hamletkitty on lj) spins, and it really helps her with her add.

When we get our sheep, I will probably only go so far as to card it, as I want to sell to spinners.

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