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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What will you refuse to give up to save Mother Earth?

Howling HIll got me in a corner. She wants to know how ticked off I can get people... umm I mean she wants me to fess up to what I will NOT give up to comply with green standards.

Books, there is no way I will give up my books. I know that reading them on the pc is so much more enviro friendly, but my desk top doesn't fit snugly on my char with me, and look at a screen for too long will set off a migraine. I can however read a book all day and late into the night without an issue.

My Truck. Unless someone is willing to give me a few work horses and a wagon, I need my truck to transport animals and feed as well as equipment. I don't like the price I have to pay for gas, but a truck out here is a necessary evil.

Red Meat. Sorry my vegan friends, but I will continue to eat meat. I was vegan for a very long time, and not only did my body say no more, but I stopped enjoying eating nothing but veggies. Still eat lots and lots of veggies, but a good local raised bloody steak is just the bees knees.

My motorcycle. It's old, (1949) leeks, doesn't comply with EPA standards, but she is mine and I love her for all her flaws. I am not very materialistic, but there is something about motorcycles that is hard not to love. She can get me where I need to go (as long as the speed limit isn't over 55mph) she can haul all the kids and groceries, well she will when she is no longer a basketcase.

and finally the last thing that I refuse to give up is. . . my gas/propane stove. Can't can on electric.

goody goody, it is confession time for;

The Back Forty

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Howling Hill said...

THanks for participating Phelan! I'm really enjoying the answers I'm reading (see my blog for the list of people who have answered thus far).

el said...

Hey! I can on my electric all the time. Granted, it's a 1960s model with those circular burners...

Kathie said...

I can on my electric stove too... I'm curious why you can't can on electric?

Thanks for tagging me, I'll be thinking about it...

Robbyn said...

LOL...ubboy..ok, gotta think on this one! I'll stew on it a couple days and then fess up :)

Gina said...

It is definitely hard to keep livestock without a truck. I couldn't squeeze even a tiny dexter into our (more gas economical) Saturn. I can't give it up either without giving up the animals.

On that topic, it has been driving me crazy to hear people questioning the ethics of those driving a truck (or SUV in some cases-they seem to be lumped together, although, to me, they are two very different beasts). We bought a truck when we moved to the sticks and decided animals would be part of our lives. We have to buy hay and fence posts and other large items and the truck has been used. We can't (won't) give that up either.

I, too, am curious about the electric stove canning. The new house has an electric stove (first time in my adult life) and this twice I have heard that comment (here and I can't remember where else). I will be really bummed if I can't can this summer here.

Phelan said...

Howling Hill, will do.

El. HEY! oh and this is also for Gina and Kathie.

Canning on an electric stove. . . Can be done with El's 1960's coil. They do make heavy duty coils for some models. Your canner should not be more then 4 inches wider in diameter then the burner. Your ridge bottomed or oversized canners can cause a great deal of damage to the coil. Most new moodel are the glass top ranges. The canners being as heavy as they are can damage the glass. So You can your an electric, just be careful you don't damage anything. (I still won't give up my propane)

Kathie and Robbyn, looking forward to it.

Gina, We have always had trucks. We actually use the beds to transport things besides groceries. It does get annoying that there are times when I have had to defend my truck. We have a Pheonix (classic car that you don't ever see any more) and I could get the calf into it. We transported the angoras in it, but a full grown cow? a round bale? nope not going to happen.

Gina said...

I may have to can like my in-laws. They use a propane turkey fryer unit thing outside. I don't have one, but it may be better than the stove. Mine is one of those flat burner types (I've always had gas) and I suppose they are the glass types.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Ack Vay! I am getting tagged left and right! LOL. I am so bad about these things..
I already know Tobacco is one of them. A smoke with a glass of margarita on the rocks laying in the hammock after a long day of weeding or chopping wood..Ahhh. Such pleasure...

interloper said...

can I play too? I have been reading thru google reader (husband finally got me using it...) good stuff, everyone, keep it up!

Phelan said...

Interloper, welcome. Of course you can play. If you don't have a blog, leave your answers here.

tygab said...

heh, this is interloper again. well I shoulda used my real "blog" id, which is tygab. anyway, our blog is at!

I will blog an answer there in the next day or so, thanks!

sexy said...






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