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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funnel cake? No, Cloud.

I waved a friendly hello to the good neighbor as I stood to stretch my back. Hours and hours of weeding and garden tending with only one arm available for use, can cause tension in your back. My good neighbor waved back, I then pointed to the sky, he nodded his acknowledgment.

We both went back to our gardening endeavours, both of us taking quick glances up toward the sky. Soon the dogs began howling. I looked up, then stood up. Nervous I made my way to the fence line. "Are those tornado sirens?" I yelled across the acreage. "Sounds like." the good neighbor replied. Only recently has the state thought it necessary to place a siren out near the river, a good 5 miles from our home. If the wind blows just right, we can hear them too.

The good neighbor and I stood together at the fence, watching this lonely storm. "It's over Bentley." he told me. I agreed. "It has stalled though." Was my reply. Suddenly the wind shifted and it turned toward us. "what do you want to do?" He asked. "Well, I have kids, even if I want to stay out here and watch it for as long as possible. . ." He looked at me and replied "I think I want to finish this hole before a tornado gets me." We walked away, I going into the house to turn on the weather and get my camera, and the good neighbor off to dig his hole. Nothing on the news, but we know what we witness. You can not spend a lifetime in Kansas and not know what a funnel cloud looks like.

The storm moved on, nothing destructive touched the Earth.

picture 029

picture 024

1 comment:

lisa said...

I just love weather! I think you are very brave to live in Kansas...tornados scare me to death, but they sure are exciting to watch!

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