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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kansas is showing off

Last night we had a wicked lightening storm. Husband And I hung out watching it roll in. So beautiful, you can watch it for miles. 

Then the winds, frog strangling rains, and golf ball size and larger hail presented itself. Kansas' short term drought is gone. Long term is a different story. If I had a garden this year, it would actually be doing wonderfully. The temperatures have been in the mid to high 90's. So much better than the 115F of last years average. And we have had storms this late into July. This is more normal for summer in Kansas. I am happy to see it. August, well August no one should be in Kansas. 

Husband and I were down south the other day, our truck was slammed into by straight line winds. Never heard how fast, but the trees were all bowing. I giggled. Not out of nervousness, but a bit of childish glee. Not much longer now and I will be in Kentucky. Kansas is just showing me what I will miss. And yes, I will miss these storms in the big skies we have here. I guess I will have to make it a point to visit family during tornado season. 

I was reading a post by Mystic Mud yesterday. About how people keep buying the property next to her's, then soon they would pack up and leave. She doesn't know why, can merely assume that they are just not cut it for the demands that living on virgin land has on you. From what I understand, similar things have happened on the land we are moving to. A couple of people, using it to dump trash and then bailing out of the property. Maybe it's haunted! That would bring a whole new twist to this homesteading thing. Ha! 

I think I am getting nervous. So much is new to me there. I just know I will end up getting lost, and unable to find my ridge. I am feeling blessed that the cabin came up when it did, at the price it did. Even though it isn't finished, it gives us something though. And we have been working with a solar company on our off-grid plans. Of course they are very helpful, as they have a product for me to buy. But it has made things a bit easier, the math is a bit mind frying. I will give you guys a review on the company once everything is set up and going. I don't get a discount or anything for it, bummer.

Last night during the storm, we lost power. It happens way too often. I had yet to pack our oil lamps, so those flickered merrily as we listened to the ebbing storm, then we drifted to sleep. 


Harry Flashman said...

We've had some big storms coming through here, too. It's exhilarating as long as a tree doesn't fall on you.

My grown kids lived in Kentucky for a couple of years before moving a few miles and crossing into Ohio. They really liked it.

longtime wife said...

Just wait til a storm rolls into the mountains, you will soon be amazed at how you can hear it coming thru the trees before it ever gets to you. There is so much natural beauty in those mountains, you will soon not miss Kansas so much. I cant wait to read your adventures, I actually went back and have been reading your blog from the beginning, and am enjoying your blunt story.

Phelan said...

Harry, here no real tree falling danger, Kentucky is a whole nother story. But I am excited about it. We aren't too far from the Ohio border.

Lisa, oh my. ~blush~ the silliness of the younger me :) glad you are enjoying it. I have no doubt that I will love it there. Just less than a week and I am gone. I think it comes down to nerves more than anything.

kath said...

I'm so excited for you! What an adventure! Nerves are completely normal when you're making such a big change, but I always say expect the best and prepare for the worst and you'll do ok. You already know you might even be homesick every so often, but eventually, it will pass as Kentucky becomes home to you guys. Are the boys getting excited? My boys would have been bouncing off the walls at their ages with such an adventure to look forward to!

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