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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Goody bag give-a-way

RoadRunner Magazine has graciously donated a terrific raffle item.

"We'd be happy to donate a RoadRUNNER goodie bag with a FREE One year subscription, a current issue of RoadRUNNER and some RoadRUNNER stickers and T-shirt. The retail value of this price is about $50.00. Good luck with your Blogathan. It's great to hear you're raising money for such an important cause."

Go check out their site!

And what to do to win this?

Leave me a comment about where you would ride if you could ride anywhere in the world. Don't care if you can't ride a motorcycle. It's three in the morning, you can pretend. Winner will be drawn randomly, however if you write something that stirs my soul, it's your's.

This will stay open until 530 am central US Time.

And there is still time to tell me a joke and enter to win over 22,000 seeds>>>


kymber said...

heehee. if i win this i want it to go to my friend Warlock know who i mean Phel!

i rode my Yamaha Vino to and from work for 7yrs....long before scooters became popular. i loved pulling up to red lights that had bus stops as kids and teenagers would wave and clap and yell "hey, that's so cool" - it was an awesome feeling! it was even more awesome when i would drive by "actual" motorcycle drivers....they would always bang on their horn to me and i would always do the same back with a little "toot-toot" - they always made me feel like i was "living to ride".

the best though, was pulling up beside 3 or 4 big, honkin' Harleys at a stop light. we would talk a bit until the light turned green and in every single instance of this occurring, the guy at the front of the pack would nod his head at the green light and let me "jump" my scooter before they revved their big engines and blew by me, each one tooting as they went by. they always gave me the jump first.

i don't know if this is a Canadian thing. but man i loved riding my scooter! oh btw, a Yamaha Vino looks exactly like the old Italian Vespa....beautiful!

oh one last thing. jambaloney got me my scooter for my birthday. for months leading up to my birthday i was showing him 8 and 9 carat engagement rings - bahahahahahah! when he gave me my birthday gift he said "babe, you can't ride a ring to work". know what? he was right!

Lynda said...

I know exactly where I would ride: There's this awesome skinny scary road from Nice to Monte Carlo...any way, it's in the mountains just clinging to the cliffs...the buildings climb from the sea (The French Rivera) straight up to the road...lovely. Of course you whiz right by the medieval city of Eze. Beautiful! When I was there we drove in a car and the whole time I kept thinking: "I gotta' do this on a bike!" On my bucket list!

Phelan said...

Lovely story Kymber. But um. . . Where would you ride, was the question. And yes, scooters are for hipster Canadians. Hahahaha! Maybe I will win the prize for best joke!

kymber said...

oh ya - sorry - forgot the question and got caught up in my remembrances.

i would ride the beautiful, hostoric and scenic Cabot Trail.

oh....just's Canada Day. Happy Canada Day to all of my American friends.

i put up an awesomely funny video on our blog. you should check it out. it could definitely win the prize for the best joke - it really IS that awesome!

Maxine said...

I'd ride through the Rocky Mountains. Can't imagine there's a better way to see them than from a bike.

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