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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Coffee. . . Grumble. . .

Actually I have been up since 445am. Chores must be done.

Watching the ag report. John Phipps is out of touch. They should replace him for at least the commentary parts. He just said that science has proven global warming, and science has proven GMOs are safe, so watch that California label laws vote. Not sure what the two have to do with each other, stop global warming, eat GMOs? Probably work, we will sterilize have the human population, and create premature death of the other half. That will stop it. Ha! He is one of those edumakated farm men. He looks down his nose at us illiginamite peoples.

Oh too early for sarcasm and misspellings.


24 hours of this to look forward to!


kymber said...

woohoo! and you knew that i would set my clock in order to be able to cheer you on. mornin' Phalen! it's foggy and grey out but it should clear out soon.

your friend,

Phelan said...

Morning Kymber! You didn't have to, but I do thank you. It's clear and already hot here.

kymber said...

oh great - you can tell that i just got up - i spelled yer name wrong - sorry buddy - i hate when people do that to mine!

Phelan said...

No worries. Most people spell it that way as its how it is pronounced.

small farm girl said...

Good luck!!!!

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