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Friday, June 29, 2012

Warning Will Robinson! warning!

And this is your heads up, just in case you have forgotten what tomorrow was.

pledge drive for pets2vets

BLOGATHON! Your pledges so far...

school fundraising ideas


Thank you guys!

Starting tomorrow, June 30th 2012, I will be blogging for 24 hours straight, posts every 30 minutes all to help raise money for Campanions for Heroes. I never see your money, only take pledges. You go directly to their website to donate.

There are 18 veterans in the United States that commit suicide everyday and one (1) shelter animal is put down every eight seconds — C4H’s work helps facilitate the healing and support for the 10-12 million men and women that suffer with some form of psychological condition and homes for the 4-5 million shelter animals that are euthanized every year so that both may live in dignity together. C4H provides our nation’s heroes that do not have a companion animal, a choice in selecting a dog or cat, while providing cost-effective Animal Assisted Activities (animal companionship) as they pursue rehabilitative and therapeutic care from their health care providers.

A quick reminder about some of the raffle items and sponsors.

Fox Chapel Publishing has donated 4 books. "Building Projects for the Backyard Farmer and the Home Gardener"
"Art of the Chicken Coop"
"The Chicken Handbook"
"The Beekeeping Handbook"
To win all four of these books, share the link to the blogathon pledge page and/or pledge yourself. For every $10 you pledge, you get one entry.

Roadrunner magazine has donated a goody bag worth $50, and includes a year subscription to their magazine.

Hometown Seeds has donated a package of Emergency Survival Seeds.

Red Barn Farm has donated a goody box that includes home grown teas.

Ready Nutrition has donated a Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter!

Skyhorse Publishing has donated 3 books to be raffled out individually.
"The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading"
"Maximizing your Mini Garden"
"Rocks, Dirt, Worms and Weeds"

And last but in no way least, our mysterious Canadian friend who has donated an after midnight prize.

To win any of these prizes make sure you check in during the 24 hours!


PokieDragon said...

I've got my donation ready to go!

kymber said...

we have our first community dance tomorrow night so i won't be around between 9pm-1am - i will however be around when i get back from the dance and try to keep you up! and feed you virtual coffee and donuts!

your friend,

Phelan said...

Thank you Jaze!

No worries Kymber. But thank you.

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