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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where did it go?

Sorry about that, the last post for some reason went to draft. It wasn't important though, so no worries I guess.

This morning we are going to go help distribute presents. I am hopeful that next year my business will be able to adopt a family for Christmas. It's a great program put together by our local Community Commerce.  They send out letters to the local students and the ones that need help fill out an application.  Then the local businesses adopt one or more of the families and fill the kids wish lists, donate food, clothing and household items. This year there were so many that local families that could afford it were adopting the families in need. And they donate a lot of stuff!

I have seen bicycles and TV's being loaded up. It's rather amazing to see how much this small town loves their own.

The charity does check to see if the family is getting help from another charity, so that those that really need it, will get the help.

I will be making some quick things this weekend for presents, then I will have only 3 days without the boys to finish up their presents. 


FancyHorse said...

I'm glad that your small town helps its own, too. Stories like this warm my heart. Have you heard about the people who pay off strangers' lay-aways? I've seen it on Facebook, and it was on the local news.

TransFarmer said...
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Phelan said...

Yes I have seen them. We had some one do it here too. I hope some day I can do something like that.

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