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Friday, December 16, 2011

Feel Free to ignore this, just some rambling going on here

You know that advice of set smaller goals that are easier to reach on the way to your ultimate goal? 

I had to really think about it this year. Hay is good so that is no longer a worry or stress. But the business I wanted to open is. Actually the ultimate goal is, I should say. I did the research and looked into the viability of it. It all looks good, however the money involved is ridiculous. It would take me years to save up just the seed money to start.  So over the summer, after the health scare subsided (which I found out that my mother's cousin had a migraine related stroke 30 years ago and never had another one), I talked some things through with Husband. And came to the conclusion that I should open a business, something I know, something I have been around for over half my life, something that is a passion, and that I have the awesomest person ever to partner with. (besides Husband)

I did the viability study, and it all looks good. Husband and I approached my new partner with the idea, and he agreed!  So these past several months I have been doing research, writing proposals, and working with the local town to find a place. Things are looking good, except for one thing, but that is for a later post to talk about.

So the ultimate goal for my business is not yet here. It will take time. However this goal is reachable and is something else that I love. Sorry, this goal is not homesteading related. However the ultimate goal is. I might not get that ultimate goal until I am 80, but this small goal is something I am more than happy with. 

All this secrecy, ha! There is reasons for it. I might tell you about it after it has opened, or sooner. We just have to see how things pan out for right now. I have a very hot item, and it needs to stay quiet for a bit. sshhh!

I need to work on the house a bit today. I am procrastinating that chore right now. I will get to it. . . maybe.

Husband is almost done with the bunker/porch thing. When it's done I will give you all the details. So far what it was suppose to do, it has been doing nicely.

Medium has been slacking off school lately. He has no motivation to do anything, neither here nor there. Small however is blossoming in school and is eager to help here. Large is now at the age that I hardly ever see him and the world is against him. Fun times.

I don't know. I have a lot on my mind today. Best get to work.


Art Blomquist said...

You can do it! Or as we say in Endako: U can dooooooit! One step at a time some cool stuff can happen!

Bob from Athens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob from Athens said...

UH O, sounds like you are entering the "Teen Age War Zone". The one where Mom and Dad suddenly lose about 100 IQ points. And don't you dare to even pretend to know me if we meet out in public. I am going to do things my way, I don't care if you have 50 or even 100 years experience doing things your way. And do not even think about talking to me if not invited.
GOOD LUCK, at least for the next six or eight years!

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