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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gifts from the Kids: Soap on a Rope

For soap on a rope you will need

2 cups soap flakes
1/2 cup tap hot water
yarn or a cord (we use baling twine)

Looks like cheese
You need to grate your soap. When I was in town,I checked and I didn't see any bath soap flakes, and you don't want to use the laundry soap.

Cut you twine or yarn to fit loosely around the neck. Lower to mid chest, and tie a knot at the ends.

Pour your hot water into the bowl with your soap. You can add food coloring to it if you want. Squeeze like meatloaf until it forms a ball. It will be sudsy.

Break the ball up into however many you may need. (we did two, then combined the excess of these to form a third)

Wrap around your twine. Squeeze it firmly to adhere to the twine, right above the knot. Squish into cookie cutter or free hand sculpt.

(These are the boys prototypes. They forbid me to show you the finished product in case the recipients of the gift happens to see this blog. Medium made the Christmas tree, Small the dog, and Large made Mr. Hanky)

Allow to dry for several days. Once dry, tie a knot above the soap.

And a warning. Even after scrubbing your hands, soap still seems to cling under your fingernails. Be careful not to wash your mouth out with soap. It really doesn't taste that good.


gipsiwriter said...

Great idea. I may have to try this with my hot process soap for the camping kit and for christmas presents.

Phelan said...

My boys loved it. They want to do several more.

Basic Humanity said...

These are pretty cool, would be nice gifts. Though I have to admit, I've never understood the concept of soap on a rope. Every time I think I've encountered it in real life it's usually molded into rude shapes. Maybe I just visit the wrong shops?

Phelan said...

lol. Yes many of them come in rude shapes. Soap on a rope comes in handy for camping and locker room showering. Keeps the soap from being placed on the floor, or dropped.

gipsiwriter said...

Basic Humanity must be shopping in the same shops as me. Just love those shops lol.

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