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Monday, December 05, 2011

Death Becomes her

I now have a real tree in my house.

I know, many of you are like big deal. So you have this tiny tree in your house. However I am allergic to evergreens. All evergreens. And not the eyes are puffy watery, sinus owie,  skin break out in hives. No the last time there was a real tree in my house (can't believe I am saying this) 30 years ago, it was a OH MY GOODNESS!!!! SHE CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S ASPHYXIATING ON HER OWN VOMIT!!!!!!!!!! CALL AN AMBULANCE!!! Spend Christmas in a hospital with a throat swollen shut, deathly kind of allergic.

Honestly I have felt weirdly bad about the boys not having a real tree. Don't ask me why, it just isn't rational. I talked with Husband. He too has never had a real tree. He has always had the $38 Blue Light Special. And it has been years since I have even attempted to be in a room with one. So we decided to try a small potted tree.

I have no ornaments that will fit on it. The topper is a candy cane topper that my best friend's mother in 3rd grade made me.

Medium is now working on some origami ones to put on it.

I am hoping I have outgrown the deathly allergic, and maybe a small 2 ft tree will make a difference (vs the 7ft one as a child). Wish me luck!


gipsiwriter said...

Wow, scary! Sending positive healing energy your way. Looks like so far, so good, huh? So glad you're enjoying the real tree. Happy Holidays.

FancyHorse said...

I hope you'll be able to have it without problems and enjoy it. Last spring, I had an allergy attack due to an arrangement of flowers my (then future) daughter-in-law sent me for Mother's Day. I'd never been allergic to flowers before, and wasn't expecting it, but I had been coughing all day, and that night was having trouble breathing. I shut the flowers up in the laundry room and went to the Urgent Care clinic nearby (it was a Saturday - the flowers had arrived on Friday), and I was all right after that.

Are you taking something for allergies? Do you have one of those Epinephrine kits?

kymber said...

Phelan - we haven't had a tree in the house for the past 10 years...back in the city we had 13 white pines in our yard and would always decorate those. now here at the Manor we have more trees than you can shake a stick at. so we will decorate a few of them and not worry about pine needles in the house...or allergies. be careful girl!

your friend,

small farm girl said...

You DO like to live life on the edge. Lol

Phelan said...

So far so good. I still break out in hives when I touch them, but no headache or anything else yet. So hopefully I have outgrown it. I do keep epi pens around for the boys as they have yet to have an allergic reaction to anything, except 2 of them to poison ivy (I'm not allergic to it).

We have very few trees here. We try to dig them up in the fields to replant them, but the cows ate them this year.

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