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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day in the Life

Here is Dec. photo day in the life. Yesterday wasn't the best day for a photo blog. It rained most of the day. Which is wonderful! We got almost and inch and a half! But I wasn't going to take my camera outside and get it wet. So this is a short one.

Start day 530 am

Morning rooster

lots of coffee, and it's raining!

feed puppies

Boys waiting on the bus (no Small is not picking his nose or giving you the finger)

Feed rooster
as you can see he is doing better

I said MINE!

Outside chores no photos, I was very wet (feeding cows, chickens, rabbit and pig mainly)

Clean up the 6am mess from Medium making Christmas cards

Let puppies go out

Pack a box to ship to one of my lucky readers

Hang stockings

Go through boys clothes and shoes for donation (3 boxes)

String the ornaments that were too heavy for my little tree

Put out some decorations that the boys have made
Large piece of tree branch, paint, squiggle eyes, an old sock and Ribbon for bow tie

Wasn't very hungry for lunch, so a few pieces of Deer Sausage

Time to obsess over several handmade gifts

Like the pants? I think plaid thins out my legs ~ inset hysterical laughter here~

Somewhere in all this making, my little brother's friend shows up with a trailer full of fire wood for us. We unload it from the road and chuck it over the fence. Ground was too wet to drive a truck over.

What could they be?

Warm enough not to have a fire, cleaning time!

Then Husband comes homes and decides we need to move the wood burner. ugh.

Time to make dinner

re-fried beans, before and after

Please refrain from commenting on what the after looks like because it was tasty.

 All ingredients, with the exception of the tortilla, which I purchase from a local woman, was grown or raised on the homestead.

Little Brother's friend shows up again to hang out. I put the boys to bed and watch a horror movie with his wife. They leave around 11 pm, and I pass out on the couch.


TransFarmer said...

the puppies are adorable, love the shot with the protective paw over the food. that's a nice looking wood stove too, looks plenty big. thanks for sharing

small farm girl said...

Ok. Ya have me stumped on what your making. Lol. Your day sounds a lot like mine. You just start earlier. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

How fun... I love see what your day consists of!!

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