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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Scrapbook Software Give-a-way

I know that there are a few of you that scrapbook, so when Liz of My Memories emailed me and asked if I wanted to review and then give-a-way a scrapbook program ($40 value) I said righton. Well I actually said that it is promising to look like a long winter and I have never scrapbooked before, so why not.

Back in my day scrapbooks contained our favorite Garbage Pail Kids, airplane tickets, TMNT stickers, and various this and that, that we found cool or ended up doing (like all the plays I was in or the letters to the editors I wrote). Scrapbooking with photos and pretty things was never something I had done. Last night I played with it, so now I present you with my first ever attempt at digital photo scrapbooking!! (you can also print and bind your creations)

Sorry Blogger doesn't seem to like my movie. It shortens it to 1 second. I will figure it out and repost it. I am new to this ya know. So here are some of the pages.

 You can put movies into the digital scrapbook, links, music, narratives. All kinds of different templates and make your own. Those were make my owns, just to add an element of various things into it. 

I did have fun. I am lousy at it, but I have time to improve.

First I will give you a very special code. This code gives you $10 off your purchase.


Now to the give-a-way!!!!

To win your own My Memories Suit scrapbooking software, ($40 value) we have a few rules.

First I want you to head over to My Memories and have a look. Tell me what you like in comments.

Second I will give you one extra entry for each person that uses your name (don't get smart, birth name or screen name not just writing the phrase, your name)  in comments.

You don't have to link to me nor do you actually have to like me to enter.

I will leave this open until Friday. Then randomly draw a name. Good luck!


jenniferlouice said...

I am always desire to create my own scrapbook.I like to saw and read here given scrap This is really nice and amazing.

Midwest Scrapbook

Mamma Bear said...

I did not know there were digital scrapbooks. I would say you did pretty good for a first attempt. I have made photo's with music Cd's for the family. It would be cool to do one with scrapbook pages!

FancyHorse said...

These were very good! Very clever and creative. What handsome young men your sons are!

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