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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bad Dog Neighbor and I am a bad dog owner

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This little polar bear is a week old.

We have 7 of them.

Sprocket is the mother, She is a great guardian dog for being  blue tick hound and German Shepard.

The father is either the Malamute we saw once or the bad dog neighbors hanging tree dogs.  We had thought we had fixed all the holes that those other dogs had dug up under the fence. In fact we added another two feet of dirt on top of the fence line, burying part of it. 

I am the bad dog owner because we have yet to get Sprocket fix. 

I think that the dogs are getting in good neighbor's field and then squeezing through the cattle gate. I need to assess it, as the coyotes are getting desperate. With the drought, this summer has been bad for small prey. Deer, rabbits, and birds have been dieing off because of the lack of water. The Arkansas river has strips of islands through it. Coyotes are moving up from the river area.There has been a report of coyotes attacking a horse a few miles from here. And I have been getting phone calls about coyotes encroaching into places that in the past 10 years they have never been spotted. They are going after the easy pickin' chickens.

Before snow falls (last nigh was our first snow fall, huge wet flakes, but they melted) I need to go out and find any place anything can get through, and make sure all the animals are secure. The sheep will be up front in the "yard". The cattle and their calves should be safe out of the field and in the barn yard. All the free range chickens will be butchered, I just have to make sure the layers are safe and the rabbits.

Winter will be rather rough for the coyotes.


Annette said...

Amazingly, we have coyotes here too - the government imported them thinking to control our non existent deer population. One even came into a neighbors yard to kill one of his free range layers.

Just a bit scary. I'd rather not carry a shotgun into the yard with me at night.

Laura said...

So what are you going to do with the pups?

Phelan said...

We will keep 1, 2 have already been spoken for, so then I will have to find homes for the remaining 4. They will be exposed to the livestock to get them comfortable. I am sure I can find homes for them quickly, good farm raised dogs, no matter if they are mutts, always go quickly.

Laura said...

Especially if you are having increasing predator problems!

Anonymous said...

when dogs are in heat other dogs find a way to get there!!

mmpaints said...

Phelan, every dog or cat we've ever had 'fixed" ended up ran over so we don't bother anymore. We quit having them fixed, they quit getting run over.

Phelan said...

We have been hesitant about it for the same reason. Put out $200 and the animal ends up dead in 2 weeks! Various reasons, mainly getting killed by wild life and roaming dogs.

lisa said...

well then as long as you accept many litters of pups, I guess that is okay. I just hate to see mother dogs getting hit everytime they go into heat, and then they get used up. you can go to humane society web site and they can offer low cost spaying.

Phelan said...

It's wasn't her first heat. She is almost 3 years old. If these hanging tree dogs would stop digging up our fence line to attack our animals, this wouldn't have happened.

I have found someone that I can afford and when the pups our weened she will be fixed.

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