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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The most googled questions for this blog, answered

Does Monsanto own Whole Foods?


What is a chicken gullet?

I remember when I first started butchering, this was a panic item as the books told you to remove it, yet didn't say where or what it was. A chicken gullet is the esophagus, not the craw or bag filled with feed. Just pull it out.

How to bleed a pig.

You open up the major artery in the neck. Usually with a very sharp knife.

What part of a wild hog do I butcher?

All of it.

What is the best why to remove pig hair and the black pigment?

Scald and scrape is the best way to remove hair. The skin pigment will not come off, sorry about that. You will have to remove the skin to be rid of it.

Why slit a goat's throat?

You need to be rid of as much blood as possible from the carcass. Otherwise you will have pooling, discoloration and ruined meat. There are other places to bleed an animal out, but being able to hang it from the hind-legs, makes the neck the easiest and most efficient place to bleed out.

How to create GMO's?

You can't do it without a lab. You need to use gene slicing technologies to create them.

Sexy butcherer?

Apparently that would be me as seen on a flickr photo. Not sure why. . . 

How to water bath can Green Beans?

I answer that question way back in the beginning of time.  You really shouldn't because of potential illness. But if you must, a min of 90 minutes. And 10 minutes of hard boiling before you eat them. 

And then we get into how to butcher (insert animal type here)? This time of year I am the butcher queen of the internet.

in order of hits

These post are actually about my first times.


kymber said...

crap! the link for "the sexy butcherer" pic says i need to sign up!

ack - i just wanted to see the sexy butcherer!!!

your friend,

Stephen said...

Hard to believe you must answer such simple questions...then again we're country folks. Not many goats to bleed out in New York City.

Phelan said...

Kymber, click on the hog butcher post, it's the pic with me bent down next to the hanging hog.

Stephen, I was lost when I first started doing this stuff, and the internet didn't have very many to turn to with these questions. So I am more than happy to answer the question I can. Growing up suburb I had no clue!

Anonymous said...

This comment is about the blog as a whole and the writer. I have been studying and wanting to make a transition into homesteading for years now. I found this blog to day and devoured it.
Your story is incredible. Trials tribulations, little victories, and crushing defeats. No matter what or where your decision or path leads you this blog is a rock solid great read. I wish you and your family the best.

Gracie said...

Phelan, I found your blog through searching on how to butcher a goat. I promise I wasn't the one googling "finger in butt"! We have a few friends in common as well. How come you guys never mentioned this blog? I read back posts for an hour or so until the battery on my laptop insisted that I move away from the fireplace and plug it in. I look forward to posts in the future, this is a fun read!

TransFarmer said...

I think I found this years ago by either googling how to butcher or by a general homesteading search. It took a good long time before I ever commented though. I enjoy the blog immensely. No romanticism in your posts. Straightforward stories of real life.

Phelan said...

Thank you Anonymous. I wish you all the luck as well!

Gracie, thank you. I seem to be a well kept secret ;) and I am so glad you are not the one Googling about goat butts. Welcome!

Trans, well I am glad you found me.

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