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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm waiting on pies (late night rambling) in segments (commercial free)

I finally got a pie in the oven. Cream pie in the fridge. Now I am just waiting on the one pie to bake so I can put another one in.

I am so behind on prep work now. ~sigh~ It's just one of those things I tend to wind up doing.

It took Husband and I, what seemed like hours, to feed the cattle. We took a bale out into the field. The younger ones found the stalks a bit odd, but the older gals new exactly what it was and went to town. Mamma is such the bully though, and only Bob Dole can push her around, as seen in the video. She spun the entire group around, chasing Murial off.  I worry about Murial. She is so docile. I clapped my hands and lead all the Kerries back into the main pen. Locking them up. We left Murial, Courage, Yart, Yippee and Xuxi out to eat while we brought another bale out to the calf pen.

I really didn't want to yet. The pig is still in the calf pen. But what choice do I have. Murial has to put weight back on. So the pig is now in the barn. We brought the trailer in to unload another bale. But this one was so flat that we couldn't roll it off. We had to shove a metal rod through it and hook up chains and a come-along to the barn. Then drive out from under it.

We lead the ladies (not Yippee) to the calf pen. They will spend the winter there. Not only will this help Murial gain weight, but I will be able to work with Courage and Yart, and get them trained for the milk stanchion, and hopefully come spring, I will be milking again.

I so miss milking. There is something about it. Besides developing Popeye arms, it's soothing. The cows don't complain about my song choices, they are very content to let me tug on their teats, they will even lick me like I am their calf. Hurts a bit when they get a sensitive spot, still sweet none the less.

Someone said once that human's are the only species that drinks milk after they are weened. My farm has a bunch of freaks living on it. Not only do the adult cats and dogs go after it, but have you ever squirted a bull with milk? If their mom's didn't force them to leave them alone by kicking them in the face, they would continue to nurse. Undies was over a year old before he was weened. That's only because mamma started sticking her horns into his hip every-time he went for it.

Guess I am rambling, but it helps me kill time. And I am in for a long night. I don't really belong to anything anymore, so this is my only chatting ability.

Urth saw me on the milk stanchion side of the barn, and got all excited. PIE!!! Be back. . .


Where was I? Oh yes, Urth. She saw me working over on the calf/ milk stanchion side of the barn earlier, and got all excited. She paced at the door, just waiting for me to let her in and get into that stanchion. Guess she is missing it. She's the same one that as a calf would stand in the stanchion after her mother was milked, waiting for her turn.  I gave her a good handful of cookies and a belly rub. She licked my forehead, think she took some skin with it.

Medium seems to have the chicken pox again. This would be the second time.  He did get the vaccine years ago, and they said he could still get it, but it would be mild. This is the second time! I really don't see the point in the shot. You get the chicken pox once, full blown, and never get it again. I know, a few kids have died from the chicken pox.  But what will this do to him as an adult? It can be dangerous for adults, and if he keeps getting it. . . will he be more likely to get  shingles when he gets older?

Some guy actually left a comment on this blog to promote his blog about how much he hates American women. How we are lazy, and don't cook and so on. . . this blog! I thought it was a joke. Why on earth would you try to post something like that on a women's blog, a farming blog, about how much I freaking get hurt, and work and cook and kill things? I swear, people can be a bit silly. I didn't allow it to be published, nor did I click out on it.

I was talking about cows, wasn't I?

Every one seems very happy now, except Urth (the whole milk stanchion thing) . She keeps bellowing at me. Winston however is cracking me up. After the grand dance when the bale arrived. I went  to hang out with them and see how they were doing. Winston blocked my way in the gate. Don't know if you have ever seen a bull get excited to see someone, then curious, then disappointed, before. But just picture a 1,000 lbs dog with horns and you will get the gist of what he looked like. Ears straight up, looked like he was standing on his tip toes, and head cocked to one side.

Pie time.


1232 am central time.

Pumpkin pie is in the oven. Did you know that if you are not using fresh pumpkin, and use the can stuff, that you can get rid of that tin flavor that they sometimes have. Cook it in a heavy bottom sauce pan for about 5 mins (med-high heat, stir constantly), and taste the difference. A trick I learned eons ago. Makes it taste more like fresh.

Speaking of eons. My birthday is coming up. I keep getting asked what I want. My answer thus far has been hay. Now that the stress over that is gone, I do hope no one asks again. To be honest I don't know what I want. Actually I would like Husband to stop being angry at my step-father so he can come to my birthday family dinner at the farmstead. I understand why Husband is. It's been scary and frustrating, we have had to sell off and kill some of our breeding stock. My steep-father told Husband that he didn't think we could afford the lease, yet we have paid out 3x as much as a year's lease on feed this year. Husband doesn't like it when people go back on their word. And he feels that S-F has. I too feel that way. But they are my family and I will forgive it, forgetting and not getting upset when I am forced to butcher or starve my animals is another story. Something I need to work on.

I can smell the pumpkin pie, getting hungry. The dark coffee I am drinking isn't going to cut it.

I think what I really want for my birthday is someone to take my boys for the night, and I sleep as soon as it gets dark out.

I feel a bit bad about missing a 2 yr old's b-day party because of my own birthday plans. I wonder if that is a bit selfish on my part. She is family after all. But I don't have birthday parties. Haven't since I was 9. Still not having one. I get together with my mother and she makes me a dinner, but no party. I guess I make up for that by throwing Husband big to-do's.

Everybody is posting Happy Thanksgiving day posts, and here I am killing time by talking about all kinds of things. But I do hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, or Thursday for those of you not in the US.

And thank you for the generous tip! (I don't know your screen name and don't want to call you out) I appreciate it greatly. It was a surprise to say the least. Husband wanted to know what I was posting here to warrant it. giggle. He would ask that of a $2 tip as well. But he loves me, and I am grateful for that.

 I don't do the friendship thing very well. And when someone wants to play, I do warn them. There is something about me that rubs people the wrong way. Usually it comes down to a misunderstanding. And I end up frustrating them to no end. I like stories, always have. I was told that I come across as trying to one-up people. That would be one reason I don't comment much on your blogs. I don't want to seem like I am being that way. I like to relate, I like it when you guys relate to my stories and tell me one of your own. But it doesn't work like that in the real world.  So I am grateful that Husband, Shane, Hooter and Brain Wheel don't mind and put up with it.  I just worry that the boys will get this flaw of mine, and end up just as lonely at times like me.




At some point I will need to sleep. However unlike the majority of my US readers, I am not baking a huge turkey that takes 6 hours to bake. a 10 lbs breast, yes. It will slow cook half the morning. Holidays make it so I can be the night owl that I use to love so much.

So I have talked about cows, and birthdays, and loneliness. Not sure what this post is lacking besides the graphic grown up stuff, like money. Oh you thought I was going somewhere else with this, weren't you. Naughty!

I worry about Husband, he is falling apart, physically. I don't know how much longer he will be able. . . I have already covered that worry in another post. No point rehashing it. So now you are sitting outside with me while I smoke. It's a bit chilly, but a nice clear night



I like baking at night. The house is asleep, and it is just me, thinking to myself, talking out loud, singing, and baking. I prefer to do most things under the cover of darkness while the rest of the world sleeps. Makes me sound like a super villain, don't it.

Right now I am watching a rabbit hump a shoe. He really needs to be put back in his cage. But I will let him hump shoes for the night, let him go a bit wild, maybe even hump a boot.

I just looked at my referrals. Some one googled "finger in butt" and got my goat butchering page. hahaha! oh wait, maybe they are into that. ewww. . .

Still sitting here waiting on pies. Think this will be the last one of the night. I can do the last two in the morning. I am not making anything too complicated for Thanksgiving dinner, so I will have the time for the two. I have 20 minutes left for this pumpkin pie. Allow me to amend that, butternut squash "pumpkin tasting" pie.

I make a custard "pumpkin" pie. I like them a lot better. Not so weighty.

A neighbor came over today. She lives about 10 miles out from me. She picked out a pup she wants when they are weened. They are adorable, so rolly polly.

I guess that's the end of my ramblings. It's very very late, or early, you choose. And my battery on my netbook is about gone. Husband is asleep in the room with the charger. Sometimes the boys get up in the middle of the night and entertain themselves on the pc, so I keep it in my room so they don't. Hope I entertained you a bit. Those of you up at this time. It's like 7am in Britain, so morning to you all!

Happy Thanksgiving all. I hope you not only survive it, but enjoy it. Time to get that pie out of the oven.


Donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

TransFarmer said...

The rabbit humping part made me laugh so hard I spit coffee everywhere. Funny. Glad you got some night owl / quiet time in for yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.

gipsiwriter said...

I SO enjoyed your post this morning! Sometimes those rambling posts are not only the most entertaining, but the most heartfelt. Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving. Peace and Blessings!

kymber said...

Phelan - you know that i love these kinds of posts of yours - so full of insight! and THIS is your place to vent some stuff out and i love it when you share. sometimes i feel some of things that you do and it is nice to read it and say - ya, i know exactly what you mean!

your blog and your wisdom and your ability to share so willingly have helped us over the years. today we are giving thanks for so much - we have so much to be thankful for this year. one of the things that we are thankful for is the internet friends that lead the way for us, taught us the majority of what we know now, and shared their experiences so that we could learn from them. our internet friends got us here. we are very thankful for your blog and all that you have shared.

i know - pretty mushy, eh?

from us to you and yours - have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving Day! you are in our thoughts and in our giving of thanks!

your friends,
kymber and jamie

Felinae said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Phelan.


Bob from Athens said...

Ahhh, if everyone would post like this once in a while, I would never never be able to tear my self away from them. Fantastic, keep up the good blog and o yeah GOBBLE GOBBLE.

small farm girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I just love these "rambling" posts! They remind me of how I think. lol

Granny Sue said...

There is so much in this post I want to comment on, I don't know where to begin. The main thing I want to say is this: be kind to yourself. You're a hard worker, trying to do the right things, and sometimes you're misunderstood. That's the other person's problem, not yours. Like me, you're a task-oriented person, not so much a people-oriented person, although you do like and reach out to people. Remember, this too shall pass. You will look back on these days and savor them. your children will grow up and leave (there goes the free labor!), you and your husband will stop doing some things and start doing others. Family will grow, change, shift but always be there. You are the center, the place all this comes to rest. Take care of that. Blessings on you for trying so hard.

Phelan said...

Thanks everyone.

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