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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Feeling bad, but it had to be

A couple pulled in my driveway last night, just as we were getting ready to head off trick or treating. They were looking for goats, or even sheep that were for sale. Actually they wouldn't get out of the truck until I put Buckets away.

Honestly, it isn't the first time I have had visitors refuse to leave their vehicle when she's around. They mistake her for a pit bull and get upset.  I have come outside to see two grown men standing on their truck while she sat barking and wagging her tail with a log in her mouth.

I called Good Neighbor to see if he still had any of his goats. But he had already taken them to auction. I hated to do it. It nagged at me a bit. However as things stand, sacrifices have to be made. I sold them Donkey and the runt ram that was going to be butchered. I made enough to purchase 1 large round bale.

Xanadu is up for sale. She is 1 year old, full blooded Long legged Kerry. Sire and Dam registered through the Dexter Association, but she is not registered.  Dam Polled, Sire horned.

Little girl

For Sale, Yogi, 10 month old full blooded Long legged Kerry bull. Dam registered with the Dexter Association, Sire was not (Sire's parents were). Dam horned, Sire polled. 

email me if interested. (email in profile) I will have a couple calves for sale in the spring when weened. Located in Central Kansas


FancyHorse said...

I'm sorry you're having to sell your livestock. I hope things will be better next year.

Good dog! You shouldn't have any unwelcome intruders with him around!

Anonymous said...

..people without dogs can't read a dogs signals..and many people are just plain paranoid! too bad about the livestock..tough times for sure

Korean Mink Blankets said...

I love the blanket of the dog..

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