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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Personal Stuff or updates or what not

Many of you are curious on where my health is (stroke).

I have been having some word issues over the past couple of weeks. Guess I have been coming off a bit mean. Sometimes I come off as rambling. Sorry if you ended up with either of those emails. The word thing isn't new. I have been dealing with it for many years. But lately it has been more intense about which words it is scrubbing from my memory. Of course this could be me just making up excuses for being a jerk. (I actually just shrugged after writing that line)

I spent 20 minutes trying to remember the name of a program that I was watching. I watch the series in re-run and have liked it for years. One of those 2am special police programs. But I couldn't get it. And it kept bugging me. And I kept naming off programs, some I don't even like. It wasn't until the channel finally said the name of the program will be right back that I got it. And that's when I realized that every time there was a commercial the name was plastered across the screen. And I still didn't know what it was. Only when someone said it did it sink in.

Things like that were happen frequently these past 2 weeks. Then suddenly it all came back. This is very frustrating. Hopefully soon my brain will decide which direction it wants to go and stay there. I will work around it, however I am sure to lose more friends if the bs sporadic memory stays.

Small is doing wonderfully at school. He is doing well above the expectations and has almost hit his year end goals. The teachers are all stoked about it.

Medium gives a fig less about school or anything else right now.

Large, I don't know. I guess he has discovered angst.

Husband hurts. He hurts a lot. I hope that my business venture turns out to be fruitful (and my brain doesn't get in the way) so that he can work less, maybe even retire in the near future. Before his body gives up on him and he can no longer do anything he enjoys.

Well I guess that's it on the personal yet public items.

Financially we are stable, though have but out twice the amount of money on hay. But nothing is outstanding. We are slowly thinning the herds. I joined the 21st century and got a used touch type phone. Though it is so 2 years ago (but it was free from a friend). We are gearing up for Halloween in full force. I put the roosters back in with the hens. It is below freezing this morning, and now I have to get Medium up for school.

Hope all is well with you.


Mamma Bear said...

I know your pain. I haven't had a stroke but 8 years ago I had double staff pneumonia. The ER never did blood work nor took an xray and kept sending me home with flu medications. To make a long story short I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks almost dead and then on home health care for another 2 months with IV therapy. I did without full oxygen for so long that it effected my memory and now I have to concentrate really hard to remember some words. A few things in my past memory are totally wiped out. If someone mentions something I should remember,it's just not there any longer. Some things I would like to forget... I have no problem remembering. It's not selective memory as I accuse all of the male species having.

I deal with brain injury everyday with my son. He requires total care and we have been caring for him for 16 years. He wakes up everyday thinking he is still 18 years old and in the Marine Corp. After years and years of telling him different he seldom mentions it any longer as with repeating and repeating he eventually retains some things. For most things he cannot retain anything longer than 15 minutes in most cases. It is frustrating for us but not for him because he can't remember! I tease him all the time about a mans selective memory.

Sorry this was so long. Just felt like sharing with you. I hope you are feeling better soon and your business venture is very successful.

Willem Brown said...

The memory thing happened to me as well. For a while I could not, for the life of me, remember the name for a "Butternut". I could picture it in my minds eye but no matter how hard I tried I could not recall its name. Every time I had to go Google for pictures of squashes and pumpkins until I found it.

I'm not sure what caused this but somehow talking to someone about it "fixed" the faulty memory.

Donna said...

With Rick's TBI,he has dayswhen he has a hard time getting words out,and then he will have days when he is fine.His memory is still quite impaired,though.He can watch a TV three days in a row and have no recollection of watching it the day before(for example)I see his frustration,so I can imagine yours.I am keeping you in my thoughts!

Phelan said...

Mamma bear. I am sorry to hear about the mess ER made of things. And devastatingly sorry about your son. I don't know if you have met Bob yet (no not from Athens) his blog is Ran with the devil walk with the angels . He was in a horrific accident, didn't know who he was. Now he homesteads in Texas and deals with severe brain damage.

I don't know, but his story might help.

Willem, do you get migraines? word loss like that is typical for those with severe migraines. I do the same thing. I can see it, but the word seems to have never existed.

Donna, I am glad to be in good company. Frustration is a kind word for it. Sometimes scary is an appropriate word.

Warlock Sundance said...

have your bloodwork checked for vitamin B-12 defciency, a condition known as pernicious anemia. I suffer from that on occasion. (and being diagnosed last year with parkinson's)
Any-hoo....I take a a B-12 shot when I need it at home, and it really made a difference.

Phelan said...

I will mention it Sundance. But they all seem to agree that it is the damage to my brain that causes it. Sorry to hear about the Parkinson's. That must be very hard. You will be kept in my thoughts (as long as I still have them ha)

TransFarmer said...

aside from regular migraines, I get ocular migraines as well. with ocular migraines, I lose part of my sight, which can be scary. thankfully, I start to get visual precursors to them, so I have a little bit of time to react before they hit my hard. I get auras and pops of color in my vision as well. Regular migraines give me word loss as well. I couldn't remember the word "stroller" and I kept calling it the "baby pushy thingy". I got some weird looks for that one.

my dr thinks they are related to allergies, which they may be, they have lessened after moving, but taking allergy meds makes me unbelievable dizzy to the point of just laying in bed with it spinning all day. The allergy meds also made me have panic attacks. Those are no joy. I'd rather take my chances with potential migraines than be dizzy and freaked out all day.

I have been looking to more holistic ways of healing as I don't like taking a bunch of pills.

Bob from Athens said...

Well, I don't think I have ever had a stroke or anytype of brain damage, at least not any that I know of and certainly nothing like Ran with the devil, walk with the Angels. However I do have the word loss thing. Damn frustrating to be typing along and have to set there for five minutes or sometimes forever trying to remember the word I want to use, knowing the words meaning and trying to think of a substitute. Or typing along and when I go back to proof read there are words missing that I know damn well I typed in. I did not realize just how much of this there is. I guess in my case it is just getting old, sure as heck wish I new what it is.

Warlock Sundance said...

Thanks Phelan. The Parkinson's is well under control nowadays thanks to the Michael J Fox foundation and the miracle drug named cinemet. I have next to zero symptoms and can ride my motorcycle's like a got no sense...(ya know what I mean....)

However, do note that pernicious anemia does cause neurological problems....but then in my case, I attribute MY memory loss problems to my KIDS....yeah, it is all their damn fault.

Phelan said...

Sundance, I was going to ask about riding, but realize that can be a touchy subject. I am looking forward to the day I can blame my kids lol!

Transfarmer, I had those as a child. I would go completely blind, but didn't have any warning. Mine are hereditary ~sigh~

Bob, I was just making sure no one confused you two. :D in about 1 yr and 1 month I can start blaming mine on old age. At least that what my kids tell me.

Warlock Sundance said...

Phelan....there for a while, before diagnosis, the problem was that my left leg would "bounce" all the time. WHen riding, left foot just a rocking on the foot peg like Mic Jagger was singing to me. Eventually it was really tough to stand still because my whole body would not be still because of the "bounce"....even more, the muscles, particularly in my back stayed tight as hell, and painful.

While at my family doctor, I said "Doc, watch this shit"....legs hanging off the exam table and the foot would get to rocking. THey referred me to a neurologist who had me have all kind of MRI's done, basically head to toe and he could not find a thing wrong with me. Finally he said he wanted to have my blood drawn....found the B-12 deal, but that was not the major problem. THe meds he prescribed made me sort of "docile" (agreeable).....

I went back to the family doc and told them I was tired of seeing a worthless quack who did not know crap....(Ya see, once the walking became an issue too, I found an Iphone app that basically said I had Parkinson's) I was then sent to a neurologist at a medical university. Within ten minutes, he pretty much nailed down the problem as "early onset parkinson's" and the meds he put me on are nothing short of miraculous.

Before, I had gotten to where it took me a parking lot to turn the Harley's around, and for some odd reason I was in fear of making right turns.....that's all gone now....I ride like the demon I was in my twenties, lost thirty pounds, and well....other things too, not too damn agreeable anymore either.

Again, a big shout out to the Michael J Fox foundation for all the research the have done....

(and this was the short version...)

Unknown said...

I dont have any type of brain damages. Sorry to hear about the Parikson.

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Phelan said...

Had a nice little chat with Doc. Figured I would bring it up while dealing with the hair line fracture in my foot. He thinks it is all migraine related, not stroke. He thinks I a pretty much in the clear.

Old Jules said...

Hang in there.

Adriendod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adriendod said...

My mom has a lot of migraines, I never really had a bad one though. I hope she'll be ok..

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