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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Iowa Friends, dual purpose cattle sale

Long Acres is selling 114 head of cattle at 11 am Saturday October 29th: West Union IA.

Fayette Co. Fairgrounds

They have 82 Brown Swiss (49 cows -28 bred heifers-5 calves)

22 Milking Shorthorns (5 cows-8 bred heifers-9calves)

8 registered Holsteins

Website for the auction; Brown Swiss Sale Service LLC

(FYI I love my milking short horns)


Judy T said...

Oh, I wish we were in the market for a cow but we're in no way prepared for that yet. Maybe someday...

SouthCoast Guy said...

May take me a few years before I am ready for cows...i'm still on step 1...chickens!

Bob from Athens said...

Around here several of the sale barns are having to turn away a lot of the cows come sale day. They don't have enough room to hold all of them. One of the guys here local said that if he had the room and the time, he could sell four or five times as many as he regularly does. One of the real mysteries is what with so many cows being sold, why is the price of beef in supermarkets not going down. Yeah right, like it is a big mystery, someone is making a large wind fall profit. !

Sarah Jean said...

Phew! I just spent the last couple of weeks reading all of your blog posts...what a roller-coaster! I am now up to date and in the present :) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you and your family battle health issues and homestead struggles...looking forward to hearing more from you!


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