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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The one thing I loathe about this life

Being violently ill.

Your kids can get sick, and you still function, your mate gets sick and you can still coddle them and work. You get sick you pass out throwing bales. You still have to work no matter how sick you get.

The past two days I caught something from Small. Of course when Small had it, he only had a small short fever, slept for half a day and was fine. I get it, and I get a fever high enough to hallucinate, muscles cramping due to dehydration because I had to find the bathroom every 10 minutes, and a migraine. Yet I still had to make sure every one was fed, animals and humans. Had to clean, water and read to children.

Sometimes I wish Husband had a little less work ethic so that I could laze about without guilt. Even though it hurt, I still had to have the basics of everything done. It took much longer then it should have, I was probably sicker then I should have been. But it has to be this way to work. I know others that let their animals go without feed because they were sick. I can't do that. food and clean water daily, no matter what. Sick, rain, blizzards. It has to be done.

I feel much better today, thank you. It only took 2 days out of me. And even with the work I did do, I didn't do it all and am now behind. Today is catch-up day.

We will be getting our first frost tomorrow morning and i have to try to save my tomato plants. It's only for 1 day, so hopefully I can still get a few tomatoes this year.

Xuxi got a stay in execution. I changed my mind. She is shaped just like the bull. A perfect specimen for a beef cow. Looking at the future, it would be best to save her, and butcher many of the calves in the spring. Yart and Yippee are not on the list. However they could be sold as dairy depending on what the spring looks like. (Yet another thing I loathe, these types of decisions.)

I have 4 confirmed to come out to learn to butcher. Anyone else, please let me know (I am in central Kansas)


TransFarmer said...

sorry you are sick. Feel better soon.

Desert Cat said...

Ouch. I appear to have narrowly avoided falling ill to that same virus. My boss was out sick last week with the same symptoms. Pigs were flying, because he has never in 14 years been out sick before.

Rae said...

Ugh. Hope you're feeling better!!!

Wish I could come learn to butcher. Oregon is a teensy bit too far away. :(

Coffeekittie said...

OH Phelan, I'm sorry you were so sick! I feed and water when sick too, but don't have nearly the workload you do. Take care.

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