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Friday, July 01, 2011

Welcome Yippee Skippy! (belated)

It was a pleasant night, we had all the windows open. Whinny had been looking ready to pop for days now. She was acting up, being pushy. After dinner I heard mooing. Grabbing the flashlight, I told Husband to meet me outside when he was finished eating. I found Whinny cleaning the mouth of Yippee Skippy.

Yippee Skippy born by flashlight

She's a feisty little thing. The smallest calf we have had yet. About 10lbs lighter than the others. But her mother is the smallest Dam we have. All black.

Yippee Skippy

Her and Yart are trouble makers. They lead the other calves into all kinds of mischief.

Yart and Yippee

Here they are playing in the mud.

We have a total of 5 calves for the year of the Y.

Yogi born to Uma. (bull)
Yart born to Courage
Yippee Skippy born to Winnona
Yoda Born to Mama (bull)
Ya-Ya born to Urth


SkippyMom said...

Gee, "I'm" so cute. giggle - & of course Y@rt & Yippee @re trouble. heehee

Cheryl said...

She's small, but she looks healthy and strong. Love the name!

small farm girl said...

Well then, to go with the "Y's". Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! heheehe

Yart said...

Yep, leave it to me to cause trouble... LOL! They are really to cute. Glad to hear that they are doing well!

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