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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So. . .last night was a bit scary for me

Had sharp pains in my right eye. It felt like it was bulging as well. Husband shoved aspirin down my throat and then curled up with me while I cried on his chest.

Today I am feeling nauseous

If I seem blase in my future posts, there is a reason. In a way, it just isn't real important. I have never placated to you, and right now. . .well right now I just want to be a story teller again. That's what I am in love with, besides Husband. I will be spending more time on my motorcycle blog as I am forming a story that I was (before the computer problem) enjoying writing. It's silly and crass, but it is me. (no blood or gore yet Skippy so relax)

I don't plan to ignore you, but will not be posting daily. Also, please let me know if you are interested in writing for Girls gone Trashy.

Thanks for understanding.


FancyHorse said...

I hope you won't have any more problems with your eye. That does sound scary!

HossBoss said...

Have you been to the doctor, Phelan? Considering your recent mild stroke, I wish you would go get checked out. I know it would take money that's earmarked for other things, ...but it's YOU, your HEALTH and WELL-BEING and there is no 'other thing' more important. If Husband had recently suffered a mild stroke and now had this pain and these symptoms, what would you want HIM to do? Please take care of yourself as diligently as you take care of everyone else, okay?

lisa said...

sounds like a doctor is in order, your kids are too young to have their mother get terribly sick or debilitated! I just found your blog too, and am enjoying it, I hopoe you keep posting, I am reading from the beginning, so that gives a little time!!

Phelan said...

We already know what it is. Doctor warned me about it. It's just something to keep me on my toes, scary but no worse damage than the migraines.

Good Luck Lisa, not only is there daily 5 years worth of posts, but the blogathon entries that are 49 in 24 hours!

TransFarmer said...

feel better soon and take care of yourself. do what you need to do.

I might be able to submit some thing here and there for girls gone trashy.

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