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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Late night cow ballet

Husband went over to a friend's house after work yesterday. He's a shade tree mechanic and was needing some help with a motorcycle. Husband rumbled in around 2 am.

"You just open the gate for me?"
"No" I told him the front gate had been open for several hours waiting on him.
"Animals are all over the yard."
Panic! "Are they in the road!"

I snagged the flashlight and ran about the 2 acres of front yard in the dark, counting the number of green eyes that flashed at me. All I was seeing was the eyes of calves. Husband came out and shortly I saw him marching Urth down the road. The cattle had escaped!

We think that Large didn't secure the cattle gates properly and when the short burst of storm rolled through it push the gate open (this has happened before. But in my defense it has been well over a year since we had to deal with escaping cows.)

Large was sleeping over across the road. The father and some of his friends where outside smoking so I hollered "Get Large! Cows out!" but instead of retrieving my guilty child for me, the men came running with flashlights to help herd the cattle back in.  In no time we had cows running back into the paddock.

I have a new boyfriend, we shall call him K for now. K was one of the neighbors friends that came running when we called. He was drunk, he has touretts (though he claims that he doesn't do it when he is drinking. I just don't think he remembers) and he is a city boy, or so says he 20 different times.He had lead Mama in, and was so proud that he rounded up the baddest bull of all. It almost hurt my heart to tell him that Mama is female.

K stayed with me out in the field, while I counted cattle via flashlight. I had to recount 3 times as I kept coming up 2 short. I found Courage and Yart hiding, and all was there. K reintroduced himself a number of times, and recounted the time when he helped me bring the cows in, and that he brought in 5, no 8 of them all by himself. And Mama, the baddest of bulls. I couldn't help but smile.

It was about 230am when it was all said and done. We made enough noise to wake the dead. As we chatted by the front gate, the men offered me a few shots to celebrate. I declined as I had Small and Medium passed out in the house.  K apologized in advance, and then informed me that I was incredibly sexy and that it was a good thing my ol man was here. K's brother told him to watch it. I laughed, it's nice to hear homages from drunk men in the early mornings. Makes an old gal feel pretty.

You know what makes K country? His tight jeans. His brother laughed and informed him that was not true. Drunks crack me up. I ended up walking away from the gate with a hearty laugh to find Husband.


Alex said...

Summer is the season to swoon, LOL.

mmpaints said...

LOL Phelan, don't it just make ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Glad the cows got rounded up!

Phelan said...

I didn't need him to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, it was 92F at 230am!

SkippyMom said...

Yart started it. Followed closely by Yippy.

Damn kids.

Lisa said...

I just love drunk is good for the ego but also good for a great laugh!

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