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Saturday, July 09, 2011

10 of you have spoken

10 out of 700 that specifically visited the post Blogathon 2011, voted.

 9 of you said I should go ahead and do the blogathon.

Why not. I do one good thing a year to balance out the naughty things I accomplish. So The blogathon for 2011 is on, even if I am going rogue once again this year.

The ads on my sidebar will disappear that day, unless those business wish to renew by donating an item or gift certificate once again to the cause.

And even though it is NOT a popular cause, and last year's donations wasn't the highest totals I have ever raised, I will once again raise money for the Downed Bikers.

I love what they do, and I hope to never utilize them for myself.

If you don't want to sponsor my charity, you can always sponsor one of the other bloggers, you can find them here

So be prepared, July 30th 2011. I will blog 24 hours, posting every 30 minutes to raise money for The Downed Bikers Association.  I won't do it on this blog however, so the rest of you can breath easy.

If you wish to pledge please read and leave a comment here>> Pledges for Blogathon

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