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Friday, July 15, 2011

A couple of stories, plus one more

We harvest some of the corn last night, desperately trying to save what we have grown. It is still too early here to start worrying about a fall garden (even though many of the blogs I read are starting their's now). Late August is when you start putting in the fall seeds here in my little world. I will spend the day popping off what kernels grew and freezing them.

We also harvest some of our onions, spinach seed and mustard seeds. I actually found some hot peppers on my plants! Those too will be dealt with today (I make my own ground pepper mix). As well as the 3 black zucchini's, will grill up one and make zucchini bread (to freeze and eat now).  My garlic is in a sad state of affairs.

Husband made a deal with the Angus rancher. Looks like we will be selling him a few of our calves next spring. Yart and Yippee are staying. Yart because I want to see how the mix breeding fairs with milk, and Yippee Skippy because of her tiny statue, like her mother, and I think they would make wonderful homestead milkers. They are small enough to keep in someone backyard. So we are going to be breeding mini small breed cows.

Speaking of Husband, Pastor Mike laid his bike down yesterday. My older readers should remember him. Pastor Mike is the man that taught me to make soap and paid for the preacher to oversee my Halloween wedding. Pastor Mike got some rain in his neck of the woods. As he was on his way home, he got tangled up with some of the mud and a bit of sand on his dirt road. He laid down, right on the shoulder he recently had surgery on. As soon as he stood up, he called Husband at the shop. Husband got there just as the road grader was coming. They stood the bike up and trailered it, bringing it back to Pastor Mike's. Husband said he was a bit beat up, and possibly very sore today, but doubts much medical attention will be needed. But his wife might have a different opinion. We didn't know Pastor Mike before Husband starting working on his motorcycle, so I would say that him doing this for Pastor Mike without charge says a lot about the shops loyalty to their costumers. And Husband's.

Speaking about Downed Bikers, please don't forget about this year's blogathon.. So far I am blogging for a pledge of $15. Thank you to that person for their pledge. (don't worry the warning that you get when you click on my blog will disappear during the blogathon. Technically I don't have to have the warning up, but as I cuss and talk all naughty like, I want to warn a few of my readers that might click over, it is nothing like this blog. It's one of my other voices in my head)

I can't believe that I forgot this one.

Yesterday Large went out to burn. I just happened to be looking out the window when there was a loud explosion that shook the house. I saw a full trash bag, in flames, flying through the air, Large mouth agape and arms a flyin', and the rooster, Larry, running for his sweet life. Large ran to get the house and put the fire out, all the while laughing. I couldn't help but laugh as well. Turns out that Small had cleaned up a bit of trash in the yard, buried within it was a mortar from the 4th that we missed.

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