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Monday, November 01, 2010

The Neophyte Wedding ~ Word Addition/part 1

Due to some technical difficulties, I have yet to get all the photos from the wedding. I do have a few from my camera, so we will work with those as I tell you want went down.

Husband was nervous. Even Captain Spaulding pointed it out to me later. Husband was yelling at everyone, this is odd for him as he never raises his voice. He even yelled at Large for the car not having gas. Large is 13, it wasn't his fault. Large was confused, but was able to laugh it off later. So Sunday morning was a little rough and tense. To be honest, I am not sure why. We have been together 14 years, and married for 7. I guess the display of it was an issue, not sure what was going on in his head.

My Maid of Honor arrived with my brother (captain Spaulding) Late Friday Evening. Bringing the bouquet she made for me.

Picture 1232

That's when things really started. We butchered the lamb and the turkey without a problem, while Large went to a Library teen Halloween party. I started on some cooking and some last minute house scrub down. I asked Husband to stop and get the table and chairs as well as apples from Brain Wheel. Alas! He didn't. He showed up at home after work on Saturday without any of the much needed items. Sunday became crunch time as we had but a few hours to get everything finished up, as well as do all our regular chores.

Saturday also meant pumpkin carving for us all.
Picture 1208

Picture 1207

Later that evening one of Husband's client's arrived with another 16 jack o' lanterns. It was our wedding gift. So many more than I thought he would bring us.
jack o' lanterns

Picture 1226

My brother and future s-i-l ran around purchasing last minute items. While Husband yelled at everyone and the chickens, and I cooked up a frenzy.

Butternut Squash Soup

butternut squash soup

The neighbor across the way's son arrived. He was smoking the turkey and lamb for us as our wedding gift. We had picked up some pecan wood from Brain Wheel just for this. As he smoked, we cooked and decorated.

grave yard

Skippymom had sent a box of goody bags for the kids. This was all that was left in the morning.

goody bags

Hooter arrived a little after 3pm.

Argh! Tis a Hooter

Brain Wheel, who was also going to be an usher, couldn't make it. One of his injuries from that bike vs car accident isn't healing properly (yes 2 years later) and is on forced bed rest. He can not be in his chair for more than 15 minutes at a time. He and his wife were going to come as Ozzy and Sharon.

I instructed Hooter on how things were going to go. I told him how to get people to park and showed him were the circle for the ceremony was to be. He took it all in as anyone named Hooter would do such a thing, as we shall find out later. Meanwhile I took a shower.

My mother arrived and it was time for me to start getting ready. Suddenly my house was full of people! Wait! NO! everyone should be outside so I could get ready. Hooter took Husband out to get his make-up done, so there was no one to usher these people. I think I saw my wedding cake zoom by at one point. Too much chaos was happening, and I was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. My bride's maid arrived with everyone else, and I had little time to say much to her.

Picture 1220

Husband's mother says take a good look because you will never see her dress like this again!

grandma Irene

I almost forgot, right after Hooter, Foxfire arrived. She is someone I have known for a year and have never met. We play an online RPG together. She drove 5 hours to be here. Dressed as a pirate. Her foster daughter was Snow White. They brought Husband and I a treasure chest with goblets, wine, cow patties and chocolate covered potato chips!

Treasure chest

The only regret I have for this night was that I didn't get to spend more time with her and Rat, who I haven't seen in 8 years. She (Rat) is the reason Husband and I are together.

I digress, things were getting a bit too busy for me, and I needed to get ready. I managed to slip away with my mother to get my hair done and my make-up. Wouldn't you believe it, that not I, nor my mother or s-i-l own a hair curler. That threw a loop into the plans. Instead I opted for a more traditional braid look (7 braids). We put demi-dye Chrome in my hair. I glued my slit throat on, and mother started my makeup. She did it a bit lighter this time, more heron sheik than zombie bash.

I hear Husband yelling down the hall at me. His best man finally arrived. It was already after 5pm, he should have arrived around 3pm. I headed out to great him. He and his wife are dressed as Bonnie and Clyde. They looked great! I had to ask where his guitar was. And he looked at me with a blank expression. He forgot all about playing me down the aisle! My head started to hurt. Rarely do we do big events. Rarely do husband and I call ourselves out to be special. So I am not sure what the proper thing to do here. Suddenly the best man asks, "do you have any instruments here?" I happened to have a 20 year old Yamaha key board. He picked Chopin, rather than the Mozart I wanted, but at this point I was no longer picky. He learned to play Funeral March in 5 minutes just by listening to it here

With the Best Man practicing, I was back in the bathroom. Time for the corset. My mother was having a heck of a time lacing it up. "Who did this for you last time?" husband "well he is a better woman then I." I couldn't stop laughing. After a few fumbling minutes I hear my Maid of Honor in the hall. I called out for her to come in.

Do you remember me mentioning that I asked my Maid of honor to dress like Xena?
Maid of Honor
(she hates this pic, will get one that doesn't look so ticked off at me to post later)

Well she took it a bit too seriously. I am busy sucking it in, holding my breath, waiting for this corset to cinch up when I hear "The door won't open." And "which way, in or out?" and crack, and then turning to see Xena tearing the bathroom door off it's hinges! She opened it the wrong direction. I told her she had to tell husband, because I wasn't going to. She would later, and husband would laugh. I however needed to be tortured a bit into my costume. Then a bit o' blood from my cut throat, and keeping it off my corset and I was good. The preacher was still a no show. As I did my best back bend (a fx blood thing) Husband is standing in the hall out of sight. "Pastor Mark called, he is running late but will be here in time for the ceremony"

Do you laugh here? I mean that was a joke right? There is no ceremony until the preacher man arrives.

Honestly, things got a bit hectic and blurry for a bit. Too much happening, too many people in my house wanting my attention. Suddenly Pastor Mark is in my living room, and I am yelling at Hooter to freakin' usher!


SkippyMom said...

The pics and the ensuing tale are just too great! Everyone looks as tho' they were having a great time [well except you MOH - quick, get up a happy pic' - I know the girl can smile. lol cute costume!] And you MIL is a hoot!

I can't get over all the carved pumpkins your friend gifted you - how great is that -- I can't wait to see more pics. And hear more story.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun even if there were a few bumps. (Every wedding has them.) Congrats! I wish I could have been there. ~alrescate

mallardhen said...

sticcyIf everything went as planned then what would you have to laugh about.
Glad you had a great day, eventhough it may not have felt like it was great at the time, almost 50 years later we remember my husband forgetting the ring at his house and having to send the best man for it not to mention the speeding ticket. Now it is just a happy blurr. Congrats you two may it go on forever.

Samual said...

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