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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Neophyte Wedding ~Word Addition/ Part 2

"Chicken and gasoline!"

Captain Spaulding

I was standing by the back porch when I heard my little brother start the show. I think he called Moses Dr. Satan.

(Stole some of these following pictures off of Facebook from others)

Cpt S C. Manson Moses

Husband went as Charles Manson.

We headed out. Hooter ushered the Mothers to their spot in the circle. Except he took them around the outside of the circle, and not through. And that the circle was not a circle, looked more like a bunch of grown ups gearing up for a game of red rover. My stepfather dressed as the mad hatter, escorted me to my waiting Husband. Husband was all grins, which in turn made me smile. I looked around.

How wonderful that so many people showed up, and dressed up! Hannibal even brought a snack

family and friends

"Let the congregation be standing." Pastor Mark at least got giggles from Husband and I. The ceremony was wonderful. I hope to get a copy of all Pastor Mark said. He had 5 commandments for us, he had ten "But left the other tablet in the truck." Pastor Mark did his research on Samhain, and all Saint's day. He said we were there for American tradition, Christian tradition, and Scottish. . . . I looked at husband, he's the Scotch. I hear someone behind me, better watch it preacher man, and "Them fightin' words" from another. Pastor Mark smiled, he was being silly. My mother ran around taking photos. Husband say he thought she was heckling . All I heard was Amen's and yes God. But I turned just about everything but Husband and Pastor Mark off. At one point Pastor Mark seemed to be having a problem flipping the pages of his speech, "Tablets stick sometimes" he smiled.

He said we were very unique people. and that most people would think Halloween was a bad choice for a wedding. But as he listed the wonderful things that happen and what is meant by Samhain, he said that in reality, it was a perfect day for a wedding.

Husband grinned like the Cheshire cat through the entire thing. The wind however decided to blow our hair into our faces.

We said our vows.


And had our kiss.


Our friend Jerry taped the entire affair. And Husband threw candy money to the guests.

"Lets get some Mudder Fuuudgin' Chicken!" Captain Spaulding announced (you have to have seen the movie to appreciate it).

The lamb and turkey took it's sweet time being carved and brought out. The rest of the food had gone cold by the time it arrived. The soups were warm though, we had them over the campfire. The Red onion soup was gone quickly. Everyone seemed to have high praise for it.

While waiting for the meats, The Best man poured our wine and we toasted. Then We cut our cake, with a machete.

S-I-L made

The wine wasn't too awful. A little spicy, and not as sweet as Husband would have liked.

Hooter caught the garter (which was a she-ninja garter, black with a rose handled knife) and My Bride's maid caught the single white rose that my maid of Honor bound (like my hair) in red twine.

Finally the food arrived, and we ate. That was about all there was to the reception. Most people worked the next day, and none of the two bands that said they were going to play, showed. Little Brian and Confused stayed the longest. We drank mulled hot spiced cider, and hung out around the fire laughing. Telling stories and the such. It was a pleasant evening. The wind was too much to keep the jack o' lanterns aglow however.

Rob Zombie and Captain Spaulding

And that, it so many words,, was The Neophyte Wedding.

~I realize now that I have a lot of friends with odd names ~


SkippyMom said...

It sounds lovely Phelan. And everyone looks like they had such a grand time. Pastor Mark sounds like a hoot. Even better then Hooter would be I suspect. hee [Will he come to VA I wonder?]

I want a full on front shot of your gown. Now. I was there in spirit and I am [ahem] a little disappointed we didn't get to see your lovely visage.
You know my email if you won't post it on my blog - otherwise I am sending a self addressed stamped envelope. I want a wedding pic' of the happy couple.
[see now I am begging. Which is pathetic. Help a girl out here.]

Phelan said...

I don't have any yet Skippy. As soon as I can get the photo's from my mother I will be posting the picture addition of the wedding. deep breaths. It will all be ok.

Casie said...

Loved looking over your wedding pictures. What a great and unique day! I must say I especially liked Captain Spalding's costume! lol

Congrats to you both!

jules said...

Congratulations! This all sounds like so much fun!

Kelle said...

Thank Phelan for sharing what you had and borrowed off facebook*wink*

Looks like fun was had by all! How touching your Dh was grinning, he's a lucky man and it's my bet he knows it!*wink*

Deep breaths and waiting for more pictures, LOL!!!!

Wendy said...

So awesome! What a beautiful day! I'm a little misty-eyed :).

Personally, I think Samhain is a great time to get married. It is the Celtic New Year, and marks the time of moving into oneself, of taking internal stock, and what better time to start a life (or to reaffirm one's choice of partner) than a time of "new beginnings."

Congratulations on pulling off such an amazing ceremony and day! It looks like it was a blast - just the beginning of many more to come, I'm sure ;).

Anonymous said...

I wish you guys the very best. congratulations

the mohave rat

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