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Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's the thought that counts

Last year I did a series called Depression Gifts. And since it was so popular. . . ummm. . . .haha! Since I had a grand time with it, I am bringing it back this year.

Click on the picture to see last years crafts.

I am not very good at this craft thing. I'm honest about that. If you have a project that a simpleton can do, please tell me about it. So I can try it out. No promises on how nice it will turn out though.

From now until the week of Christmas I will post at least 1 depression gift a week.

It was indeed a good time last year, trying out new things. And all the gifts were well received (to my face) Let's see what happens this year.


KsCrikket said...

The smoosh balls were definitely a hit! We're hoping they come in girly patterns too (hint hint). ;)

SkippyMom said...

I remember last year - especially the jeans - cute!

Bath salts are always good - you can mix epsom salts with sea salt [not the kind used in cooking] with a little fragrance and viola! [you can even add a little color too.

The bean soup in a jar is a fav of mine [to give and receive] because it is such a pretty presentation and beans are cheap...directions and such can be found online or just email me. [variations are cookie mix, cocoa mix and brownie mix - but chocolate and cocoa gets expensive]

I don't know if you have nut trees where you are but spiced nuts in a pint jar are a HUGE hit here. Work is already hinting at those again. Lil' buggers.

Look at me - all about the food. oops.

If I think of anything else I will let you know.

[homemade ornaments - awesome]

simply_complicated said...

i'm as much a fan of jar gifts as skippyMom ... love 'em!
my fave cheap gifts are homemade scarves/toques/dishclothes... though they are admittedly not easy if you don't already have the skill to knit or crochet. Hm...

well, for my M.I.L. this year i'm making her homemade diabetic icecream... pretty much any homemade food stuff is usually a great gift, and much appreciated too! (ie a tin of homemade cookies, chocolates, a cheese and cracker basket... whatever!)

how about hand stitched stockings? (the decorative type)

kath said...

Jar gifts are always a big hit with me too! This year, I canned apple pie filling and I was thinking of making hot cocoa powder in jars for gifts. I also bought some gorilla glue, got pieces of leftover pipes and caps and old teacups and I'm making bird feeders out of them. Usually I just give everyone homemade jam and they really enjoy that. I can't wait to see what you do!

DK said...

I like Kath's bird feeder idea. We usually keep some of the Gorilla Glue around here for fixing all manner of things that need it.

Meadowlark said...

I just finished jars of kahlua sugar scrub inside dollar tree jars. I think there's probably cheaper versions, and am trying to figure them.

Happy Holidays my dear!!!

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