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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So tired, yet a nice tired

Yesterday was super busy. Husband and Large left early to go pick up some of our bales. Nice weighty prairie hay, last years cutting, never been rained on, for only $3.50 a bale. We got lucky. The rest of his bales are selling at $7 a bale now! That's how bad things are, and people are buying it up. Even with the recent rains, it might be too late for many of the fields. 2 hay guys we talked to say that they won't be cutting this year. We still haven't been able to talk to our hay guy. But we have enough to last out 5 months, and our fields are starting to grow, so we will be able to feed them grass only for a few months. Winter will be hard on the horse owners though. Many of the cut brome and alfalfa north of us (were it has been raining) got cut and rained on.

While Husband and Large were gone, Small, Medium and I worked in the garden. It is almost completely in. I was hoping to finish it today, however I tore my hands up rather badly, they are a little stiff around the wounds this morning, and we are gearing up for tornadoes today and tomorrow. They are warning us that it will be very bad.

Husband came home and we began unloading the bales. He only brought home 80 of the 150 we purchased. But they are safe and sound in a barn right now. I do worry about theft however, at least the ones we have here. People might be getting desperate in another month or so. I digress, I was unable to grasp the wire without reopening the wounds on my hands, so I got to push the bales off the top of the trailer. While we were doing this, neighbors across the way came over. They helped unload and re-stack the bales, then we cooked out and had a grand time. They brought some meat and I supplied the side dishes straight out of the garden. Husband cooked. Large and 2 of his friends stayed out in the camper all night.

Today I will be doing in house chores most of the day, keeping an eye on the weather. Nasty stuff is already exploding this morning, that never bodes well for the rest of the day. As soon as it gets warm, bam! tornadoes. We just have to wait and see.

flaming demon skull gas tank

The above is a motorcycle tank that our buddy Hooter painted. I feel the need to give him a little nod. You can find a few more of his tanks and fenders here>>> Hooter in Paint

You will get a warning when you click over, just stay on the page I linked to and you won't have to witness me cursing.

And Hooter paints leathers as well.


Anonymous said...

Hope the storms swerve around you. I've always been very unnerved by the videos I see of the tornadoes that you experience. In the winter we get high winds for hours of 80 mph or more, but those don't bother me, I'm used to them. We haven't even started putting in our garden (well, I take that back, my tomatoes are in the ground and I planted sugar peas the other day)but we have had so much rain and we're expecting a freeze, so I'm not holding my breath for the tomatoes. I have 10 bales of hay coming on Wednesday, 3 strand, about 165 lbs each, for 13.50 a bale, add the delivery fee onto that and I'll be paying about $16 a bale.

small farm girl said...

That's a really good paint job!!!! He is very talented! Two years ago we had someone get killed over stealing a bale of hay. Is this how it's going to get? Make's one wonder.

Phelan said...

We could use the rain, but yes, I hope the nasty stuff misses us.

Guess I shouldn't complain about $7 bales then. But it will be going up. I can't imagine how much food costs if your hay is going for that price. wow!

I will let Hooter know you think so. I wouldn't be surprised if it does happen. The drought areas got 6 inches of rain in less than 2 hours. no wheat no brome coming from there. We will have to drive an hour away to get it, and they will be charging more for it. Even the rained on stuff.

SkippyMom said...

If you get a chance [and read this] and are okay, could you please drop me an email and let me know you guys are okay.

My prayers are with you - I just hope it passes, quietly.

[or a phone call. yeah, a phone call would be good. :wink:]

Love you!

[and tell Hooter he is awesome]

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