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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bug out bags in cellar, check. Soft ball sized hail. . .updated

almost got that last one.

Edited at 826pm (central time) so far the tornadoes have gone around us. OK seems to be getting the worst of it. We are waiting on one more storm to pass before giving the all clear. I thought I would update as I have electricity right now. It doesn't last though.

Watching the storms develop. Local weather guys are all excited. They are fun to watch.

Boys took their bug out bags to the cellar.

4pm is magic hour here in Kansas. We have something nasty coming from Colorado and another nasty racing up to meet it from Oklahoma.

eek! Watching the news as I type, a really well developed hook echo is headed for us. FUN! It will be about a hour or so before it reaches us.

I am not super concerned. We deal with this every year. We know what to do, we have lived through many of these.

Skippy I will give you a call. If things get real bad and you guys are are real concerned I will let Skippy know what's going on, so check in with I make soap.  (tomorrow if I haven't updated)

If we lose power I won't be able to update as I won't have internet, but hopefully cell service.


small farm girl said...

Be careful out there!!!!

Tess said...

Take of yourself and your family. We are all hoping the storms miss y'all.


SkippyMom said...

I am sitting on top of the news - and if you call I will certainly update on my blog asap.

Love you girl. Please be safe. I have a zombie costume to wear in your neck of the woods. It is on my bucket list!

Hugs Phe.

SkippyMom said...

[that should say immediately, not asap]

Phelan said...

Thanks Skippy. Don't pay attention to the national news though. They are hyped up because of Joplin and more than likely won't mention my town unless it get wiped out.

Check in with the above. It is as local as I can get you.

If watching National news we are between Wichita and Hutchinson.

HermitJim said...

Stay safe, girl! I'm hoping for the best for you and the family!

Rae said...

Yikes! Be safe!

Judy T said...

We've got another round coming here as well. Not as bad as you, Stay safe!

Yart said...

Stay safe!

Unknown said...

We've also had some storms head into Southwest Virginia, not as bad as what it sounds like you're getting, but we're still under a tornado watch. Stay safe!

Donna said...

Glad that you are safe!!

SkippyMom said...

Glad you are okay. It was nice talking to you [we are still laughing at the rooster pic']

Hope you get your electricity back soon and can read this.

Love ya!

Phelan said...

We've got power! woowhoo! Thanks guys. Looks like most of it missed us.

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